Interview: A quick chat with Peaty at the EWS in Finale Ligure


Whilst out and about at the final round of the Enduro World Series at Finale Ligure I decided to hook up with Brit rider and MTB legend, Steve Peat for some final words after his first season’s racing. He was in great spirits, glad to have finished and about to shoot off home, missing the after-party, preferring to get back to his hometown of Sheffield and relax for the off-season.


After being a bit sceptical about the the whole Enduro thing, how did you enjoy your first season?

Steve: The first one really was tough at Punta Ala, I didn’t really like the format, everybody gets so much practice on it, similar to this one here. So I’m already behind because I don’t get to practice on it as much as these guys here because of doing other things. I think Val d’allos (France) for me was the perfect concept when it comes to these type of races, it’s how Enduro should be. You got no practice, then you had one sighting run and then you raced on the track; I think that’s how it should be!

I have enjoyed it, I got to have a good few days on the bike, riding some nice trails around Finale. So long as I’m not thinking I’m going to win it then I can just go out and enjoy it.


Next years plans?

Steve: There’s a lot of clashes with Downhill series, so pretty similar to this year just doing some.

Are you in Vets or Grand Vets next year?!


Steve: Yeh, a few more years with Santa Cruz and the Steve Peat Syndicate is still going strong

Thanks mate!

Peaty having fun Finale Ligure

Peaty having fun Finale Ligure

Words: Jim Buchanan | Pics: Doc Ward

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