Reset Racing Components teamed up with leading industry experts to develop a totally new bottom bracket system. The ECCS entitled system is especially designed to better integrate with 650B (27.5″) wheels, meeting the high demands of modern enduro riders.

The ECCS-system (Enduro Conical Crank Spindle, pat.pend.) with its asymmetric bearing positioning provides many advantages to today’s rider:

  • 65% stiffer than existing systems while increasing damping.
  • More space, for example for internal cable routing of the seatpost, electronic shock system controllers, or BB mounted action cams.
  • Micropositioning of the crank for optimized chain line – this is especially important for modern narrow-wide chainrings
  • Easy mounting of the bottom bracket
  • Optional angle adjust to fine-tune riding performance and chain angle.
  • 100% fatbike compatible

Reset Racing bearings from the ECCS-line enable custom sizing, specifying bearings not only to individual riding style, but also rider height and weight. ECCS-compatible frames and cranks can be combined with existing parts to get the following variants:

  • ECCS-frame with ECCS-cranks: Full Enduro
  • ECCS-frame with standard cranks: Hard-XC-style, Light-Enduro
  • selected existing frames with ECCS-cranks: Enduro-Street-Cred-Usage

Reset ECCS – kick the next generation!