RockShox PIKE RCT3 Review

RockShox Pike RCT3 | 1,850 g
RockShox Pike RCT3 | 1,850 g | € 1,075

For many years now, the RockShox Pike has defined the enduro and trail sector, bringing big-hit performance and amazing composure to a weight and price point that terrified the competition. With its innovative Bottomless Token spring rate tuning, it brings easy pro tuning to the home user. The asymmetrical chassis and power bulge mean that the 35mm stanchions promise enough stiffness for accurate tracking through rough ground, while still keeping the weight down to 1850g. We tested the top-of-the-line RCT3 Solo air with adjustable rebound, low-speed compression, and three-position compression (open, pedal, and locked). The beauty of RockShox Pike is its ease of setup. We love the printed Air Guide sag scale on the stanchions ‒ you can easily set and customise sag in the field without a ruler should you be carrying more weight or want to make adjustments.


We have all had a lot of experience riding Pikes, and the real star of the show is the Charger damper: the extruded bladder design mops up big impacts without fuss, and the addition of tokens maintains sensitive small bump performance whilst providing a supportive spring rate for high-speed big hits. All the testers were in agreement that the Pike is a solid, if not exciting performer; the composed performance of the Rapid Recovery rebound circuit provides a fast recovery from big impacts deep into the stroke, while remaining slower in the early travel to provide more grip and support. The fork moves smoothly over small hits, keeping its travel in reserve for the ‘oh crap’ lines. In the biggest rock gardens, the Pike could not match the steering accuracy of the burlier forks in the test, and the damping did feel outclassed by the best competition in big terrain. However, the slightly more forgiving ride may be a benefit to less aggressive riders.

The RockShox Pike is a fantastic fork that offers great performance at a killer weight. Well deserved of its huge popularity, it is the fork of choice for those looking for a fit-and-forget option that will not break the bank!

More information:

+ Very simple setup and tuning
+ Rapid Recovery offers great traction
– Chassis flex in the hardest lines
– Damping cannot quite match the best

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