Bike Check: PYGA Industries – ONETWENTY650

Pyga Industries is a small Bike company founded by Patrick Morewood, previously of Morewood Bikes; and Mark Hopkins of CSIXX Products and CO-Founder of Leatt.

Pyga Industries about themselves: “We decided we wanted to make Bikes that were competitive on the racetrack while still being super fun to bomb around on our local trails. Our suspension Bikes are designed to pedal efficiently, be active, supple and integrate the technology that makes new-ages Bikes amazing to ride. We’ve kept our geometries a little more relaxed than most out there, so they retain a character of fun!”

Bike Set Up for the Transprovence by Plonsracing


MZ8A9642 “It’s running an unofficial shock with some hush hush settings, and a Bionicon chain guide because it’s light” – XTR 10 speed and XT trail pedals.

MZ8A9644 XTR shifter and Hope M4 evo brakes – “I have ridden with Hope brakes since they started and they never disappointed me and they look great”

MZ8A9646 Easton Havoc DH carbon handlebar and Hope DH Stem “maybe overkill but I like to play it safe and love the stiffness”.

MZ8A9648 Hope grips – Reverb Rockshox 125 – XT Shifter

MZ8A9651 “How cool is that new Syntace setup?” – 183 disks front and back

MZ8A9656 Hope bash with Middleburn Cranks and chainrings: “they simply do their work perfectly!”

MZ8A9667 MZ8A9673 “Fooh is the one who actually came up with the idea 10 days ago to ride this Pyga 650 – Within the first 5 minutes of riding it I was sold on the bike, loving the handling and feeling perfect for the Transprovence!”

More informations: WEB | facebook

Words & Photos: Plonsracing
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