Over the past week RockShox has been revealing several spy shots of a new suspension fork on their facebook page that will be called RS-1 and will “turn the world of mountain biking upside down” according to RockShox.

RockShox RS-1 enduro mag

Obviously the RS-1 is a reference to RockShox first ever fork that saw the light of day in 1988 as much as the current Pike is a homage to its predecessor. Still it’s all up to speculation if, when and how the RS-1 will come to market, but one thing is sure: If the RS-1 turns out to have a similar performance like the new Pike, then RockShox will top all expectations.

What’s your guess?

RockShox RS-1 USD suspension fork 4

RockShox RS-1 USD suspension fork2

RockShox RS-1 USD suspension fork 3

RockShox RS-1 USD suspension fork

Check out the RockShox Facebook page for more info!