Just yesterday, ENVE released details of their new carbon rims – the M-Series! The range features four rims, named by the Americans, according to their up-and downhill application ratio. We had the opportunity to test a new M70 Thirty wheelset at the presentation of the new Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon.

The individual rims are – as mentioned above, named according to their amount of intended use in uphill and downhill. Thus, the M50 Fifty rim is designed for riders who want a rim with a 50/50 ratio of uphill and downhill performance. Our M70 Thirty rims priority is 70% on the downhill and 30% on the uphill, wider for bigger tires and stronger for more abuse, this is perhaps the most interesting ratio for an enduro racing wheelset!

The new ENVE M70 Thirty wheelset ‘colour matches’ perfectly with the Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon testbike.


The rims of the M-Series have been completely redesigned by ENVE, offering increased stiffness and less weight. By eliminating the “hook” from the top of the rim sidewall ENVE has reduced the risk of losing air from the tire in corners, called “burping”, and allowed the rider to use lower air pressures. The ENVE M70 Thirty rims are available with 28 or 32 spokes, and for all three wheel sizes.

Die neue ENVE M-Series im Überblick
The new ENVE M-Series overview, Each model has a different rim width ensuring the perfect fit for intended tires.
Front Rear Set
Width (inner) 23mm 23mm
Width (outer) 29mm 29mm
Hole Count 28 / 32 28 / 32
Weight: Rim only 374g 374g 748g
Weight: DT 240 15/142 771g 865g 1456g
Weight: DT 180 631g 730g 1361

On Track:

After just a few meters we recognize the enormous stiffness of the carbon rims, the bike accelerates great with no energy lost in flex at the wheels. It takes some time until we got used to this very rigid feeling, with the wheelset feeling hard and uncomfortable at the beginning. Steering commands are implemented extremely directly and precisely, making it easy to hit the required line.

The well known Maxxis High Roller II tires were mounted on the rim we were testing, allowing us to assess the ride feel in comparison to other wheels.
To begin, we needed a certain adjustment period as the wheels are very stiff, resulting in extremely precise steering inputs.

Due to the large rim width the tire sits firmly on the rim, offering so much traction, our test tires were inflated to a pressure of 1.9 bar,and were secure and responsive in the rough high speed sections.

In the first test drive the ENVE M70 Thirty wheels were totally convincing!


The prices for the M70 Thirty wheels vary depending on the built-up hub. Currently we are only know the prices for the U.S. market, these are:

  • $999 Rim Only
  • $2,748 King ISO built wheelset
  • $2,718 DT 240 CL built wheelset
  • $2,718 DT 240 15/142 built wheelset
  • $3,298 DT 180 built wheelset

The delivery of the new ENVE M-Series rims to companies and distributors has already begun, so they should be available shortly.

Due to the high profile, the nipples are fully recessed into the rim. The truing of the wheels is only possible with demounted tires.
Extremely nice but also very expensive – the new ENVE M-Series.

Bottom Line:

The new ENVE rims M70 Thirty inspired us with high stiffness, low weight and top manufacturing. Of course after just a few trips we can not say anything about the durability. However this sort of technology comes at a hefty price and at almost $ 1000 per wheel are not a bargain!

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer