Gallery: COMMENCAL Insiders -­ Remy and Nico in New Caledonia

“Tropic Thunder” Part Deux? Not at all! With their new META SX Neon Pink, Remy Absalon and Nicolas Quere are filming a new episode of COMMENCAL Insiders in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: New Caledonia.

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White sand, coconut-trees and hurricane

Safe in their living room in Noumea, away from heavy rains, Remy and Nico showed a rather relexed mood. While New Calodonia is under hurricane warning, our two friends are lingering on the paradisiacal scenery this island offers: “We went for a bike stroll. Then we went to another island, which is protected and just for duchs, so they can fornicate in peace” starts subtly Nico. A relaxed atmosphere on the edges of a summer camp where Remy plays the protective big brother and Nico is the hyperactive baby-brother. This duo works perfectly and starts with a new nickname from our photographer Sam: “Laurel and Hardy”.

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DH, camp & Co

To check out the local scene, Rémy and Nico went riding on a DH track on the western part of the Island the day after they got there: “Quite steep as we like, it was near La Foa. We also checked out some places before the camp organized by Pierre (our local distributor)“ says Nico. Turned into a one day teacher, Nico was helped by Rémy who is more used to it: “On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we coached the two largest local clubs with workshops based on turns, bunny-hop, going over obstacles. During the afternoons, we did some DH and it was huge because the local were so pinned. But they ended up crashing all the time. One of them hurted some vertebraes and had to be heliported by the firefighters. Aside from this little incident, they are all really nice, they love riding and bit the crap out of their SUPREME DH V3!”

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“Otherwise we discovered a new site entirely dedicated to MTBing and prohibited to pedestrians. Really fun, very All-Mountain oriented, winding around a 6km long bike path. We are heading back there on Saturday for the official opening but we can already say that the concept knows a great success here. ”

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Waiting to discover other spots, their efforts will focus on filming our new COMMENCAL Insiders episode. While listening to their first feedback, we can imagine some good riding and other simple pleasures of life … isn’t it Nico?

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Words & Pictures: COMMENCAL / Samuel Decout

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