Heidelberg’s Finest Single Trails are our home turf, and we are riders not racers. The group is everything but professional – none of the riders have ever participated in a competition because – for us – this is not what mountain biking is all about.


Being outside, enjoying good company and the panorama, working out, rocking technical trails, surfing flowy sections, shredding gnarly stuff, sharing the passion, and bullshitting about the desperately needed upgrades for the bikes – that’s what brings them together. Heidelberg’s Finest tells you about their passion:

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We are all around thirty. Everybody is pretty busy at work and some have to take care of kids and accommodate the needs of a young family. But come rain or shine you’ll find us on the trails as often as possible. Usually we set out for excursions around Heidelberg where a very active mountain bike scene beyond our group populates a dense network of finest single track.


Most of the trails around Heidelberg are pretty flowy but it is also possible to find challenging gnarly sections in the woods, and the low mountain range “Odenwald” offers an ideal place for extended day rides. Often our outings end at “Danteplatz” with Currywurst and beers and sometimes we even bring everything for a low key BBQ right on the trail. As you see we are not competitors – being outdoors, being on the bike, being in good company – that’s what keeps us rolling.

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Most of our riders reside around the Heidelberg area but we also have people affiliated with Heidelberg’s Finest Mountain Bike Trails all over the world. In 2013, our international network facilitated excursions in the Alps, Australia, and the US.

Heidelberg’s Finest Mountain Bike Trails do not end at Heidelberg’s city limits. For 2014, there are many more trips to come – we never stop exploring… – Go ride!

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Words & Photos: Heidelberg’s Finest