After three years of development, the manufacturer from Vancouver presents their new line up for 2014. Highlights of the enduro segment are the three completely new designed “Process” models, all based on the same suspension concept: The Process 134 comes with 134mm of travel and 27,5″ wheels. The Process 153 is using 27,5″ wheels too, but has more travel at the rear (153mm) and front (160mm). Not so the Process 111: It features 111mm/120mm of travel and rolls on 29″ wheels.

Kona Process 111

With short chainstays (430mm) and a low bottom bracket, the Process 111 is presented as a modern 29er-Bike. A big standover height, a low center of gravity, a short stem and a single chainring setup are completing the package.

As we are used from Kona, each bike is offered in two setups. The “Deluxe”-Model of the Process 111 costs 4.999,- € and is equipped with SRAMs XX1-Group, using RockShox suspension (RockShox Monarch RT4, RockShox Revelation RTC3 Solo Air 120mm QR15 Tapered), while the cheaper version is equipped with a RaceFace Turbine cranks, X.9 derailleur and the RT-Version of the suspension with less settings.


Kona Process 111v 2014, 3.499,- €


Kona Process 111 Deluxe 2014, 4.999,- €

Kona Process 134

Featuring the same platform, different wheels sizes, more travel: The Process 134 rolls on 27,5″ wheels and has 134mm of travel in the rear and 140mm at the front. Unlike the Process 111, a front shifter is mounted. The short 425mm chainstays shall provide an agile trail experience.

The Process 134 Deluxe for 3.299,- € ist equipped with an RockShox Monarch RT shock and the RockShox Revelation RL Solo Air fork. A mix of Shimano XT and SRAM X.7 is taking care of the drivetrain, Shimanos SLX Brakes are responsible for the braking.


Kona Process 134 Deluxe 2014, 3.299,- €


Kona Process 134 2014, 2.399,- €

The cheaper version (2.399,- €) “Process 134” uses the RockShox Sektor Silver Air fork and the RockShox Monarch R shock, Deore brakes and a Shimano SLX/Sram X.5 drivetrain.

Kona Process 153

For those who want more travel, the Process 153 is the right choice. The 27,5″ wheeled bike tries to impress with 425mm chainstays and a shallow steering angle of 66,5 degrees. The top model “Process 153 Deluxe” is running a RockShock Monarch Plus RC3 with piggy back – a clear sign that the bike is made for serious trail business. Further parts: A RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air (160mm), SRAM X.0 derailleur, Shimao XT Brakes. Pricetag: 4.399,- €


Kona Process 153 Deluxe 2014, 4.399,- €


Kona Process 153 2014, 2.999,- €

For 2.999,- € you get the “Process 153” with RockShox Monarch RT shock, RockShox Pike RC Solo Air fork, SRAM X.7 drivetrain and Shimano Deore brakes.

Words: Aaron Steinke Photos: Kona