Issue #019

#OpinionLeader isn’t just the theme of this issue; it’s also our core principle for 2016 and represents our magazine’s key direction: unique stories, visionary projects, objective and reality-based tests. This issue sees us put the current trend for plus bikes through the wringer, sussing out which sort of riders would benefit most. We also pit 12 of the most exciting pedals against each other and ask ourselves what true innovation really is. In the briefest period of 20 hours we undertake a proper Alpine adventure and work out how to re-fall in love with our home trails once more. Sound good? Then go and grab (or rather download) the latest issue of ENDURO – have fun reading!

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Issue #018

Finally 18! With this issue we celebrate our coming of age, doing everything that everyone would like to do, but no one dares. Dream Bikes, dream cars and dream trips as well as a lot of bare skin. Check out the results of a bike tour in the region with the highest density of breweries in the world, and laugh as our two uk editors Trevor and Jim lose their virginity in two different ways: one on a roadbike, the other on an e-bike. And that’s not all by far – this issue has a lot more to offer and is just waiting to get ridden! Free and digital of course – as always! Enjoy the party!

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Issue #017

This issue focusses on the most important ingredient of enduro: fun! Seeing all the pained and exhausted faces on finish lines, we had a nagging fear that the fun had gone from international racing, each round more gruelling and physical than the last, but the second stop of the EWS in Ireland shook the sport, we look at how the Emerald Isle changed everything . We also tested nine of the best Enduro bikes in a group test that, for the first time, settled some scores. We visited Jerome Clementz in his home, and took a factory tour of adidas eyewear in linz/austria. Our graphic designer Andreas took a trip to an isolated solitude while Trevor joined some good friends for a memorable trip to the Scottish Highlands. Issue #017 is bursting with adventure and is waiting to get ridden! Free and digital – as always! We hope you enjoy it!

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Issue #016

For this issue (and for you guys!) we dived into some unknown territory, discovered new trails in unfamiliar countries and tested a lot of interesting bikes and products. One outstanding highlight is the trail bike group test: We tested eight of the most interesting trail bikes on challenging and demanding French trails. With over 200 hours of testing and slow-motion video analysis, the enduro fork group test wasn’t any easier! Read the magazine to find out, which fork excelled! What else? Our UK editor Trev reports from the EWS in Rotorua, Christoph explored fine trails in Austria and our long-term test team reveals some exciting findings too! Enjoy the read!

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Issue #015

A new design, a new structure and new regulars – our international team worked hard to bring this issue to the next level! Some of the highlights: We tested eight new school xc bikes in California, the story “One to beat them all” answers how versatile an enduro bike really is and our brake test shows, which models you can trust (and which not!). We rode fatbikes in the Bavarian alps, experienced e-mountainbikes in the Sierra Nevada and visited the production of Magura. And that’s not all, find out by yourself! Enjoy the read!

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Issue #014

This issue #014 is dedicated to everybody who brave the elements day-in and day-out, who want to transform night into day – before jumping ship to the balmy south when they’ve had enough of it. This is why we’ve tested and compared the most aggressive mud tyres in Scotland, the most efficient head torches in Bavaria, and the most secure bike bags for multiple trips. But that’s not all, we also present you with the interesting results of the Design & Innovation Award and our huge readers survey; and take you on a trip to the hometrails of Brett and Caleb in New Zealand. Our Editor Robin tells you about his heroic deed on the morning after new year and Christoph tested two interesting bikes for you! Enjoy the read!

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Issue #013

Separation, it somehow always sounds like drama and suffering, however separation can also be something quite beautiful! Sometimes the time is simply ripe for something new, regardless of how sweet the past and shared experiences might have been. In this issue we separate ourselves from our long-term test bikes and look back at how they performed over a tough season. We also look forward, bringing you reviews of the latest, sexiest and most exciting bikes of 2015, bikes that mix new designs with potentially game changing innovations. We also check out all the latest weatherproof gear so you can keep shredding through the winter. It’s time for a mud party, bring it on!

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Issue #012

Every time has its own Geist, dynamic, trends and opportunities. In this issue we track down the Zeitgeist. It’s all about new technologies, true values and trail fun across generations. Apropos trailfun: That’s exactly what we had with the six fast XC-Racebikes in our review. Also tested: Six Enduro tires and the new Rose Uncle Jimbo. But why just test existing products? We even designed our own frame for this issue. Our UK-editor Trev followed the footsteps of EWS-champion Jerome Clementz completing the EWS race in La Thuile with the full team support – find his exciting story in this issue! And what else? A gourmet tour in South Tyrol, an escape to the Scottish Highlands and many other great stories for you! Enjoy the read!

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Issue #011

If you throw any thoughts about competition overboard, then biking stands above all for one thing: freedom. A freedom which you create and experience. A freedom that connects us. So we decided to create an issue dedicated to inspiring you to do what we often forget with our hectic daily routine: get out on a real adventure. Building your own trail, exploring countries far away or take some time off with your kids – find all of these stories in this issue. And to make sure your adventures don’t fail because of bad equipment, we tested a total of nine bikes and six all-round tires! Enjoy the read!

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Issue #010

Summer is upon us, and with that, another race season is ushered in. But it’s more than just race season, it’s time to be outside, riding your bike season. Enduro #010 is available, and jam packed with ideas to inspire a summer of riding with friends, and getting faster. For this issue we invited the world-finest enduro bikes of 2014 for an exclusive benchmark test on EWS-tracks in Finale Ligure – and yes, we found the fastest bike out there! And as always, we have new bike reviews, and some great advice on extras to take along with you on your camping trips and race weekends. Also get some advice from the pros on simple things you can do to help keep your bike running at it’s best.

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Issue #009

It’s always the same! Every year, just around this time, everyone is moaning about the weather, the cold temperatures, and the short days: wintertime is just annoying! But hey – it’s changing, there is a vibe of enthusiasm in the air! So get out and ride! That’s exactly what we did! While some of us were shredding our home trails just for fun, others were training hard with the help of US-pro-trainer Dee Tidwell, who shares his knowledge in this issue. We were very busy with testing too, rating twelve knee protectors, not only on the trail but also in the lab! We also tested six of the best enduro forks and eight entry-level trail-bikes! With more stories than ever – enjoy reading all of it!

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Issue #008

Dreams are almost as good as real life. They help to process the past, to anticipate the future or simply to give vents to one’s fantasies. We did all of the above for this issue! Tougher than Sylvester Stallone in Rocky we started our winter workout, we raged against the dying of the light, exploring the dark, lonely forests of Scotland and we put eight dropper posts to a group test. We tested two bikes aimed more at relaxing tours, the Cube Sting WLS 120 for the ladies and the Bergamont Threesome SL! Also, don’t miss our Design & Innovation Award special with the best and most innovative products for 2014! Have fun reading!

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Issue #007

“A Happy End!” That’s how we could sum up the midsummer fairytale of the 2013 enduro season – given that the season had already ended! Without a doubt, winter is not exactly what a mountain biker desires, but still: it’s a great time! Great to overcome the weaker self and great to look back at all the great adventures of the summer. That’s exactly what we did for this issue: We went for many rides with new bikes and old Klunkers, we retrospectively had a look on the first year of the Enduro World Series and gave a final resume on our long-term test bikes. Biking is exciting – all year round!
Have fun reading!

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Issue #006

“The future is closer than you might think” – this was the title of our first editorial. Now, one year later, we are able to tell you why: new World Series, new wheel dimensions, new teams, new magazine, new format, new Design & Innovation Award – a lot can happen in a year! And this year an awful lot has happened. Enduro hit the scene with full force. Within a year enduro gave a new face and esthetic to the sport of mountain biking. The sense of community – “we are mountain bikers” – is back once again and lifts up the sport to a different social level. In a nutshell: Enduro is super!

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Issue #005

The charm of the new is what keeps the world running. It makes us look forward into the future: craving for the next ride, the next adventure, or this new issue: We tested a bunch of new bikes from 2013 and 2014. We went on some adventurous trips to Romania, Switzerland, and Heidelberg, exploring the known and unknown in a new way! We will dig into psychology, evaluating what is necessary for a fun ride. Is it the speed? Is it the trails? Or the excitement of facing new challenges – just like in enduro racing? Fact is: Exploring new places, meeting new people, and hammering down new trails is our daily drug. And all we can say is: Take it! Read the new issue now!

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Issue #004

Sometimes you can’t feel blessed enough. That’s the case when you are touring the world with your bike. A new chapter in the history of mountainbiking was opened with the first race of the Enduro World Series in mid-May! An event of superlatives with legends, pros and amateurs racing united. Still, enduro is far more than just racing! Longing for the distance, the exciting feeling of the uncertain, the triumphant feeling of discovering new places, meeting new people: that is enduro! No matter where or when! The fun in the riding is what counts – that’s when you are happy! Cheers!

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Ausgabe 4

Issue #003

Winter is over, training has been done and Enduro is emerging onto the world stage! The heralded 2013 race season is rolling out, and with it comes Issue 3 of Enduro Magazine! Enduro has strengthened both as a sport and as an identity! Galvanizing and uniting riders of all levels and abilities, grass-roots enduro has never been so enjoyable and strong! This latest issue focuses on new beginnings, the lovers and haters, expectations for the new season and the latest products to hit the market. Do not miss the exciting preview of the Design & Innovation Awards preselected products, featuring the best technical innovations and highlights of 2013.

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Ausgabe 3

Issue #002

2012 was a year that will go down in history in the evolution of enduro. No longer residing in the shadows, the sport has finally reached critical mass and gone global! Enduro is now on everyone’s lips, excitement is high and we know that 2013 is going to be amazing! In this issue we review the past year, an exciting ride of ups and downs, we embrace the present to help keep us motivated through the winter and also look beyond to the exciting future. We examine how the professionals train and prepare, test some essential winter kit and showcase some fantastic warm weather riding destinations! Have fun reading this issue!


Issue #001

The future of mountainbiking: as a sport and race category, enduro is the most current form of mountain biking. … Unless, of course, it stands for the original idea of biking – two-wheeled chaos and good times with your best buddies, all through your own pedal power. Enduro features a variety of stories as broad as the sport itself, and goes even beyond to explore issues of philosophy, design, and beauty. Authentic, aesthetic, & open-minded describes our approach to our love and its literal expression: Enduro Mountainbike Magazine. Enjoy the reading, learning, and discovering!