Last week was the biggest moment of our season. The fabulous Megavalanche where everything is possible!
It’s not a world cup, but if you speak to every rider, you can be sure they´ll tell you this victory is the most important of the season!

OEC-Megavalanche2013-1 (2)

One week of practice on one track, to learn the place of each rock, each climbing section, each moment of difficulty. We want to be sure of our capacities, but you can finish your race just after 50 meters with a crash in the snow.

Friday is the principal key for a good race on Sunday. A good qualification race promises you a safe start on the snow.
So, I choose a good line for the start just behind Joe Barnes. The song ALARMAAA is coming, my heart is pounding. I’m ready for the battle!
I start in 3rd position but just after 3 turns, I have a big crash with Joe Barnes. I restart in 7th position with lot of pain in my body. I have a good feeling in the technical section and hold good speed. I take the lead just after 5minutes of the race to keep it until 500 meters from the finish!! A little crash makes me loose some time and the 2nd rider goes past! The most important is there, the A line for Megavalanche!!! It’s amazing because the last 2 years, I had technical problem in the qualification race and I never finished it!!!

On Sunday, I wake up at 5am, it’s hard! In my apartment with my brother and my friend, we don´t speak. We eat our breakfast in silence. The race is upon us. We arrived in same time with the Sun at the top of Pic Blanc (3300M) at 6.45am. It’s wonderful.

megavalanche_Dday 1-1

The snow is frozen and I’m scared about to riding on it!!! I can see the fear in the eyes of other riders, but everybody is motivated and ready for the fight.
OEC-Megavalanche2013-6 (2)
OEC-Megavalanche2013-3 (2)

After 2 hours of waiting, the ALARMAAA song is playing. It’s time to go!

IMG00859-20130714-0650 (2)

I pick up speed at the start, but when I see some crashes I hit my brakes to scrub speed and hold my line. After the 1st turn I open throttle! We ride around 90km/h on the snow, it’s amazing!!!!
I leave the snow section in 25th place, hold a good rhythm on technical section. In climbing section, I pass Justin Leov and Ben Cruz to be in 20th place at first middle race. But after putting in so much effort an after 2 crashes in the last 10minutes makes me lost some places! I’m a little bit disappointed, but so happy to finish my first Megavalanche.

OEC-Megavalanche2013-9 (2)

I know what I have to improve for next year!

OEC-Megavalanche2013-5 (2)

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Words: Kevin Lorenzato / Jim Buchanan