Metal by BikeAttack – First Enduro Race in Romania

Enduro continues its spread around the globe and on the 2nd and 3rd of November the first event ever to be held in Romania, the METAL enduro, took place just outside the city of Resita.



63 participants took part in the METAL enduro, consisting a 32.5km circuit with 4 exciting stages in the city of Resita. With a height difference of about 1397 m it was a tough day, and the special stages were conducted on exciting single trail. Riders battled it out in the lush forests, negotiating many natural obstacles and rocky areas but there were also long section of flowing trail where speeds were high and the racing was tight.

PB031116 _IGP5295

After around 4 hours of racing, spirits were high and the feedback was very positive! The first enduro in Romania was a huge success for both riders and organisers!



1. Simon Cobianu
2. Christian Rakossy
3. Mircea Fanatean


1. Ada Tuca
2. Elena Larisa Cobianu
3. Roxana Patrulescu

More informations – Here

Words & Photos: BikeAttack

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