Mayon’s symmetry is like no other, many would agree that she is the sexiest volcano in the world. Situated some 500 kilometers of Manila, this majestic mountain is in the bucket list of Filipino and international mountainbikers. Brian Lopes and Hans Rey had a taste of Mayon’s slopes few years back. Mayon was 2013’s and this year’s venue of Enduro Pilipinas 3rd Leg, but in the both highly anticipated events she said NO. Last year there was a phreatic eruption, this time a lava dome was formed that could trigger an explosive eruption. Mayon has her reasons and we respect that.

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UMBA, the host team efficiently worked and designed a new race track away from the danger zone. In a very limited time. Just like last year, teamwork came to play in challenging situations. Race director Chippy Salazar made sure everything is in place before the riders arrive. The local government of Legazpi, and the mayor himself supported the event. Come race day, August 25, 2014, participants arrive from as far as Mindanao (around 1,300 kms) and Manila. But a more rewarding fact is that 70% of the riders are from the same region- it tells us that Enduro has grown locally. In 2013 race, it was only 8 % . Enduro Pilipinas is achieving its goal in promoting the sport throughout the archipelago. Top seed Nilo Estayo grabbed the championship trophy for the Elite category. Right behind him are Melchor Abejuoro, and Milton Macanas and Rhommel Ragasa (tie).


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Beautiful Mayon, no eruptions next year please?