Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2014


The Bluegrass Enduro Tour will have six stops in 2014, spread all over Europe. As usual for this series, the stages will be ridden on sight and without any training on the track.

Dates & Venues of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2014

  • 06. April: Dabo – France
  • 04. May: Glencoe Mountain – Scottland
  • 11. May: Rombach le Franc – France
  • 16. August: Dublin – Ireland (ladies only!)
  • 21. September: Guebwiller – Frace
  • 26./28. September: Castelbuono – Sizilia

Additional info:

What’s the target group of the the “International” series? – Basically any enduro rider looking for a race with great trails and an excellent atmosphere. The character of the race will vary from race to race as the locations are so diverse, but you can expect amazing trails and great racing.

Format: – Except Mollau (FRA) each event will be two days of racing held over a weekend, with the prologue on Saturday and main race on Sunday.

Which timing system is used? – Chip timing, results will be available in the afternoon of the race.

What protection has to be worn? – It’s obligatory to wear elbow and kneepads, full face helmet and a back protector (or a backpack with integrated back protection)

Is the event open to everybody or only for riders with a license? – It’s open to everyone, but if you don’t have a license you have to present a medical certificate or get a day license (depending upon the event).

Registration opens at 01.02.2014 at bluegrassendurotour.com.