Gravity Enduro Series Ireland 2014

Jerome Clementz 2nd place pro men Gravity Enduro Ireland offers the perfect balance between exciting competition and a great day out on the bike!  Whether you are a pro or an average biker, if you have a mid travel bike and a bunch of like-minded mates, this will be the perfect enduro race!


Dates 2014:

Round 1 – 12th/13th April – Ballinastoe, Wicklow
Round 2 – 17th/18th May – Ticknock, Dublin
Round 3 – 12th/13th July – Ballyhoura, Limerick
Championships – 2nd/3rd August – Djouce, Wicklow
Round 4 – 6th/7th September – Carrick, Wicklow

Additional info:

What’s the format?
– The event takes place over two days, Saturday is optional practice and Sunday is race day. The first group of riders off in the morning is the Pro Class, shortly followed by everyone else. The appeal of Gravity Enduro Ireland events is that there are no start times, no transition times, allowing you to ride with your friends all weekend. When you have completed three out of five stages there is a lunch stop out on the course, with the DJ spinning tunes – its the perfect party atmosphere!

Riders comparing their stage times at the end of the day.

Which timing system is used?
– There is an electronic dibber system, riders carry a chip on their wrist and clock in and out by touching the chip against the timing poles. Competitors are responsible for checking themselves in and out of each stage, it’s as much a part of the race as pedalling, so you have to get it right! The benefit is you get your results as soon as you finish, so you can compare them with your friends!

What protection has to be worn?
– No obligation to wear pads or full face, though pads are recommended. It’s a Gravity Enduro, and competitors must cycle to the top of the hill, so a full face is not always practical. Some people choose to carry both helmets.

Joe Barnes - 1st pro men

Is the event open for everybody or only for riders with a license?
– You must have a licence. You can however buy one for just €15 on the day of the event, so it’s not a big deal.

More info:www.gravityenduro.ie