POC Scottish Enduro Series 2014

The POC Scottish Enduro Series marks the long awaited collaboration of two established event orgainisers, Innerleithen MTB racing and No Fuss Events, bringing a series together spanning the length and breadth of Scotland. Offering fun and challenging races for all levels, it is sure to be a really popular series.

The series kicks off in the Nevis Range, home of the iconic WC downhill and XC courses, and a growing destination for enduro riding. The series then moves south where Rounds 2 and 5 will be held on the legendary trails above Innerleithen where the racing will be steep, challenging and probably hilarious.


Round 3 is a completely new event and is eagerly anticipated. Held at Laggan Wolftrax, known throughout Scotland for its challenging Black Trail, the venue has grown and grown and the local trail beavers have created some of the finest natural tracks you’ll find anywhere. The trails vary from fast and flowy, steep and rooty to downright gnarly – this location will definitely challenge any rider and leave you hungry for more! Round 4 will be another new event in Ae Forest, offering old skool tracks and plenty of Scottish roots! The series will draw to its exciting conclusion at the ‘must do’Dudes Of Hazzard This Is Enduro Now! where the Dudes are sure to have something exciting planned.


  • 22./23.02.2014 #1 Nevis Range, Fort William
  • 05./06.04.2014 #2 Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
  • 28./29.06.2014 #3 Wolftrax, Laggan
  • 12./13.07.2014 #4 Ae Forest, Dumfries
  • 18./19.10/2014 #5 Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
  • 08./09.11/2014 #6 The Dudes Of Hazzard, This is Enduro Now

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Additional Information

What Level of rider is the series aimed at?
The series will feature challenging trails, but welcomes riders of all levels, from those new to enduro, right though to Scotlands fastest elite riders. Courses will be taped to allow easier lines over challenging features, while rewarding those who commit to the faster more challenging lines. Overall the series is all about fun!

What is the racing format?
The rounds all have open practice on Saturday, with the stages announced first thing in the morning. Transfer stages are not timed and riders can choose their own start times so they can ride with friends. Racing is carried out on the Sunday and results are available immediately at the finish!

What timing system is used?
The series uses the Sportident timing system, with riders dibbing in and out at the start and finish of the stages. Results are available immediately at the end of the race, and published online overnight.

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What Protection has to be worn?
Riders need to wear a helmet at all times, this can be a full-face or a trail style helmet.

Is the race open to everyone or just those with a valid license?
The series is open to everyone, you do not need to have a license to compete.

For more information check out http://www.scottishenduroseries.co.uk/

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