Specialized Enduro Series Czech Republic 2014


After a successful first year, the 2nd edition of the Czech Specialized Enduro Series is about to start. Capital sharp “S” in the logo means that the general partner of the Enduro Serie is Specialized again. Michal Prokop, team rider of Specialized, is going to participate in the series and that assures the quality level of races. Specialized Enduro serie is open to all bikers who love adrenalin, hard work, enjoy the nature and good vibe of enduro riding.

All ability bikers are welcome, the race courses are not mentioned to be extremely difficult, the main point is quality of good riding and fun with friends and people in same enduro spirit!

Race dates

There are going to be 5 races this year (one more than last year), all situated in the border area (Germany, Poland) mountains:

  • 1.6. Enduro Race Kouty
  • 15.6. Enduro Race Ještěd
  • 3.8. Enduro Race Zadov
  • 21.9. Enduro Race Špičák
  • 12.10. Enduro Rally Most

Races and trails are managed and build by experienced organizers and local riders. The races are held over a weekend. Saturday involves free training and the main event is held on Sunday. Every event consists of 5 Racing Stages and Transfers stages with time limit.

Riders need to wear a helmet at all times, this can be a full-face or a trail style helmet, and spine protector or braced backpack.

The series uses the Sportident timing system, with riders dibbing in and out at the start and finish of the stages. Results are available immediately at the end of the race, and published online overnight.

The fee to attend the race is approx. 15 EUR (350 – 400 CZK).


Besides prize money for best riders and great fun & experience for all participants there is a chance to win a cool prize presented by Red Bull – flight with Red Bull Flying Bulls for fastest rider on selected Racing Stage.

For more information about the series and races visit www.enduroserie.cz or www.facebook.com/enduroserie.cz.