SuperEnduro Series 2014


2014 marks the 7th season for the popular SuperEnduro series, and after a very successful 2013 final in Finale Ligure, it again will host two stages of the Enduro World Series. This year the Italian EWS rounds will be hosted in LaThuile and once again the grand final will be raced over the rocks of Finale Ligure. There are also a range of PRO events and the new ‘Experience’ events aimed at getting riders into the sport. It looks to be a great season for the Superenduro crew and Enduro Mountainbike Magazine is looking forward to racing with them in the Italian dust!


PRO1 | 5-6 April | Superenduro Sestri Levante (GE)

PRO2 | 10-11 May | TBA

PRO3 | 28-29 June | Madesimo (SO)

PRO4 | 6-7 September | Sauze d’Oulx (TO)


EX1 | 23 March | Enduro dei Lupi Superenduro Experience Coggiola (BI)

EX2 | 4 May | Enduro Day Superenduro Experience Priero (CN)

EX3 | 18 May | Enduro Cicli Porciatti Gracciano Comune Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI)

EX4 | 25 May | Superenduro Experience San Piero in Bagno (FC)

EX5 | 1 June | Enduro dei Tre Fiumi Superenduro Experience Cartosio (AL)

EX6 | 15 June | Superenduro Experience Premilcuore (FO)

EX7 | 22 June | Superenduro Experience – Tuscia Enduro – Viterbo (VT)

EX8 | 20 July | Superenduro Experience – Enduro dei Forti Colle di Nava (IM)

EX9 | 3 August | Superenduro Experience Pragelato (TO)

EX10 | 14 September | Superenduro Experience Palazzuolo sul Senio (FI)

EX11 | 26 October | Portofino Bike Superenduro Experience Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)


EWS4 |12-13 July | LaThuile (AO)

EWS7 | 4-5 October | Finale Ligure (SV) | Grand Finale

Additional info:

What’s the target group of SuperEnduro?
Everyone who can handle his bike! While most professional riders will concentrate on the Pro-events, beginners may start with the Experience-events. The venues have more to offer than just racing, with amazing landscapes, provision stations with amazing Italian food and the unique atmosphere that makes each event a social meeting point for the whole enduro scene. You will also race shoulder to shoulder with many top-level racers, filling the paddocks with professionalism.

What’s the difference between PRO and Experience races?
PRO races are longer than Experience races, but for both types of races you should have a certain level of fitness as special stages have an average time of 5-10 minutes. The definitions are: Experience races have an average height difference of 1000 meters and total sum of the travel-times of the special stages must not exceed 30 minutes, with a minimum total time of 10 minutes.  Experience races must comprise at least 3 special stages that take place on at least 2 different routes. Pro races have an average height difference of 1500 meters and total sum of the travel-times of the special stages of 20 minutes. They must have at least 5 Special Stages that take place on at least 2 different routes.

Pro-races are ran over a weekend, with Saturday being the official practice day and the main race on Sunday. If possible you should arrive even earlier as the stages are put up a few days earlier for unofficial practice. Usually there is a prologue the day before race day.


What timing system is used?
Each rider is released at 20 second intervals (which may vary due to the amount of participants at a race). SuperEnduro uses a simple but effective timing system used in enduro motorcycle events. You will be issued with a sticker with all your start times for each stage and have to ensure that you arrive on time for your start.  The final results are put up a few hours after the race. During the race there may be results of early special stages available in the race paddock.


What protection has to be worn?
It is obligatory to wear knee and elbow protection as well as a full face helmet and a back protector (or a backpack with integrated back protection) on the special stages.  On the transfer stages a open face helmet can be worn, but you must have a helmet on at ALL times. Some racers just wear a full face helmet during the whole race to avoid taking two helmets.

Is the race open for everybody or only for riders with a valid license?
Open for both licensed and non-licensed riders, if you don’t have a license you must present a medical certificate and get a day license available upon registration.

More info: www.superenduromtb.com