Bluegrass Enduro Tour Classic 2013

For 2013, the Bluegrass Enduro Tour Series will be split into two competitions, the “International” and the “Classique” series:  The “Classique” comprises three events offering the traditional Bluegrass Enduro Tour series format that has proven so successful.   All the Classique events are located in North-east of France, close to the Swiss and German borders, the birthplace of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour.  Click here for the “International” series.


  • 07 April: Dabo
  • 08 Mai: Rombach le Franc
  • 01 September: Guebwiller

Additional info:

What’s the target group of the the “Classique” series? – Basically any enduro rider looking for a race with great trails and a welcoming, family atmosphere.


Format: – There is no official practice, it’s a one day event so all the racing is done on sight.  You need to make sure that you pay attention to your start times for every special stage as transfer times can be short.


Which timing system is used? – Chip timing, results will be available in the afternoon of the race.

What protection has to be worn? – It’s obligatory to wear elbow and kneepads, full face helmet and a back protector (or a backpack with integrated back protection)

Is the event open to everybody or only for riders with a license? – It’s open to everyone, but if you don’t have a license you have to present a medical certificate from your Doctor stating that you are fit to ride.

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