Brake Authority Enduro Series France

059-001 © art reflex photo The original Enduro!  The Brake Authority Enduro Series is the oldest of all the established enduro series and takes in some incredible French events.  France boasts some of the world’s most talented and most experienced enduro riders and in 2013 the official “French Cup” comprises five events and is also host to two races from the Enduro World Series. Dates:

  • round #1 Samoens (74): 23-23 of June
  • round #2 Val d’Allos (04): 29-30 of June
  • round #3 Valloire (73): 3-4 of August
  • round #4 Val d’Isere (73): 24-25 of August
  • round #5 Blausasc (06): 26-27 of October
Entries will be open from the 1st of March

Additional info:

What level of rider is the series aimed at? – For pros and racers with a good level. The (technical and physical) level is very high so be sure you are fit!

Format: – You can expect a weekend of 2 days of tough racing in a single starter format. There is live chrono with an electronic system on board.  You can start whenever you want, so you can ride with your friends, (within a 1 1/2-hour-limit).

What protection has to be worn? – Obligatory to wear knee and elbow protection as well as a full face helmet and a backprotector (or a backpack with integrated back protection) with CE certification. Furthermore you have to wear gloves – so watch out new school kids!

Is the race open to everybody or only for riders with a valid license? – Only open to licensed riders.

More info: www.tribe-events.com