Joy Ride EMTB Enduro Series 2013


Joy Ride EMTB Enduro is a great opportunity to rip the most amazing trails in Polish mountains in friendly atmosphere. We try to keep perfect balance between thrilling competition and simply great bike trip with friends.



  • 4.05.2013 Świeradów-Zdrój
    Long rocky descents (550 vertical meters) and some flow single tracks. The closest Polish enduro race to German and Czech border.
  • 26.05.2013 Kluszkowce
    This race is a part of the biggest Polish bike festival – Joy Ride Fest. (joyridefest.pl)
  • 13.07.2013 Mieroszów
    Short but most technical and steep trails in Poland. No doubts, the hardest edition.
  • 21.09.2013 Zakopane
    Endless flow trails with a breathtaking views on the highest mountains in Poland – Tatry.


Joy Ride EMTB Enduro is a classic one-day enduro race with time measured on 4-5 special stages. Specials are classic enduro descents, sometimes with short uphills. In between specials there are non-timed transfers that gives the chat about trails, trips and bikes


Timing system
Our timing system is based on RFID wrist bands. Each racer has to touch the chip against the timing poles on the start and finish of every special stage.

There is no obligation to wear pads or full face helmet, but pads are strongly recommended. It’s enduro, so there are of course uphills (short on special stages, long on transfers) and full face is not always practical. Some people choose to carry both helmets.

More info:emtb.pl