Montenbaik Enduro Series (Chile)


The Montenbaik Enduro was created 4 years ago and has grown in popularity each year by 50% to 80%, if momentum continues at this rate it will soon be one of the big events on the enduro calendar. Each venue attracts around 200 riders from all over the world, with the most popular class being the 30-40 years age-group.

Dates & venues:

22.06. – 23.06. Región Metropolitana
20.07. – 21.07 Julio Región de Valparaiso/Región Metropolitana
07.09. – 08.09. Región Metropolitana
02.11. – 03.11. Región de los Ríos
07.12. – 08.12. Región de Valparaiso

Additional info:

The race format is a one day race with 4 to 8 timed special stages. The race is open to everybody older than 16 years. You must wear a full face helmet. Protection is recommended but not mandatory.


For timing Montenbaik Enduro Series use the popular Sportident system. The advantage of this system is that a print out of all the stage times is available instantly when a rider hands back their card. In addition there is a 32″ screen showing live timing allowing riders to see how well they are doing. After the event all the results are listed online at www.montenbaik.com/tiempos

More info: www.montenbaikenduro.com