SloEnduro Series 2013

Enduro Slovenia 2013

After two unofficial enduro racing seasons in Slovenia an official national series has been established for 2013, titled SloEnduro. It is sanctioned by Cycling Federation of Slovenia while managed independently by event organizers.

Since it is very complicated to organize a legal enduro race in Slovenia due to strict off-road riding regulations there are only three races in Slovenia. Therefore the series is extended across the border to North East of Italy where SloEnduro points will be awarded at selected Triveneto Enduro, Superenduro and Enduro Trophy Nord Est events.

Race format at SloEnduro is very close to Italian Superenduro.

Race Action at the SloEnduro Series


SloEnduro #1 April 7th 2013 – Enduro 3 camini Trieste, Italy (with Triveneto Enduro MTB Cup #1)
SloEnduro #2 June 1st – 2nd – Superenduro Gemona, Italy (with Superenduro PRO #3)
SloEnduro #3 June 16th – Torrenduro, Torreano, Italy (with Enduro Trophy Nord Est #3)
SloEnduro #4 July 19th – 21st – Enduro Koroška, Ravne na Koroškem/Jamnica (with The Blast #4)
SloEnduro #5 August 31st – September 1st – Kamplc enduro, Bikepark Javornik
SloEnduro #6 September 8th – 9th – Enduro Čelešnk, Blagovica

Check http://www.facebook.com/sloenduro or www.sloenduro.com/ for more Infos