Specialized Enduro Series 2013 (Czech Republic)


In 2013 the Specialized Enduro Series will be held in the Czech Republic for the first time. Operating independently from the homonymous series in german speaking countries there will be three exciting venues. The official face of the series is the reigning 4X-Worldchamp Michal Prokop.


  • 29.6.2013 Enduro Race Kouty
  • 3.8.2013 Enduro Race Zadov
  • 5.10.2013 Bike Rally Most

    Additional info:

    Who can participate?
    – Basically anyone who loves technical riding, but is grown up enough not to want to risk their ass racing pure DH. With tracks designed to favour neither DH or XC riders the target group are owners of 120-160mm bikes! The stages will not be too technical, and will be predominantly downhill, with less than 15% of flat or climbing sections. The organizers believe that the series will be attractive to DH, marathon and XC riders, so it should be a great crossover of all MTB disciplines.

    Format & timing:
    – The event will use a Chrono start with riders released at 30 sec intervals. There will be 4-5 timed special stages, with a time limit for the transfer stages. Timing will use chip technology and overall standings within the series will be calculated. Riders will get starting numbers based on their standings .

    What protection has to be worn?
    – It’s obligatory to wear at least an XC-helmet and a backpack or spinal protection.

    Is the race open for everybody or only for riders with a valid license?
    – No license is needed, or a medical certificate. Riders will sign a disclaimer, acknowledging that they race at their own risk and are aware of their health.

    More info: www.enduroserie.cz