Priced at 120 Euros, the Forca SPS-400 seatpost is by far the cheapest post of our test, and probably the entire market.


The control mechanism of the 110 mm travel post is accordingly very simple: A stiff steel spring in the inside pushes the saddle upwards, while a retainer at the seat tube clamps the post in one of the three predefined positions by locking into a drilled hole in the rear side. No compression chamber that can leak, no complex hydraulic systems, just a pure and simple mechanism. The post can be taken apart with only a few simple steps and is very easy to service. The unbraked and abrupt extension terminates with a noisy stop and it inevitably triggers various catapult experiments (mini tool: two meters of vertical flight!), leading you to protect your “lower abdomen” before adjusting the post.

This post is controlled via a rather bulky lever which can be quite a challenge to mount on the handlebar next to gear and brake levers. This task is somewhat simplified by a flexible cable and clever lever which can be turned in any direction. However, it is not as ergonomic as some other posts, and the lever needs to be pushed down pretty far in order to adjust the post. Precise tuning of the cable tension is vital for effective function of the Forca. To assist setup there is a barrel adjuster mounted on the cable, which requires patience and sensitivity. Once set up correctly, the Forca proves to be a solid seatpost with satisfactory performance; however, it does not meet the competence of the (considerably!) more expensive seatposts. We found that in very cold temperatures, the upper post does not always run smoothly back into the housing and the socket does not always lock in place immediately – occasional regreasing was needed here. Also, dirt can find its way through the rear holes and build up inside the post – an optional available gaiter effectively prevents this but looks ugly.

Overall, the SPS-400 seems to need a little more care and devotion than the competition, but works just fine if it gets the attention it requires. There was no lateral or vertical play noticed. We are eager to see how the SPS-400 will perform over a long-term test, and will keep you posted on this one on our website. The Forca SPS-400 is available in blue, red, and green for just 120 Euros. It is one of the few seatposts that is also available in a narrow diameter of 27.2 mm.


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Text: Aaron Steinke Pictures: Fabian Rapp