Working in harmony with the CTD system (“Climb, Trail, Descend”) used in Fox forks and shocks, the American suspension specialists’ dropper seatpost can be set to three different preset heights mirroring the CTD choices.


Thanks to the two-piece lever, the clearly defined middle position can be easily selected, avoiding the often inconvenient search for the lock-in. With travel of 125 mm, the Fox seatpost is aimed at racers seeking high performance, where every second counts. The innovative lever is functionally outstanding, but unfortunately literally outstanding too! It is huge! No matter which of the four mounting positions (right, left, top, bottom) you choose, the remote lever always sticks out, so you had better not crash.

The D.O.S.S. survived our test without any damage and scored points with nice workmanship and a reliable mechanical clamping action which was clearly noticeable. The function of the two-stage lever soon becomes second nature, especially if you are riding on Fox suspension with CTD controls. Thanks to the second lever, the middle position is found faster than any other seatposts. The Fox D.O.S.S. is the heaviest of all the tested seatposts, with a weight of 687 grams and costs (in Germany) 382.96 Euros.


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You can read an in-depth feature about the group test and our conclusions in the actual ENDURO issue #008! As usual it’s free & only digital for iPad, Android-Tablets and Online-Viewer: Issue #008.

Text: Aaron Steinke Pictures: Fabian Rapp