The Taiwanese component manufacturer KindShock won the Design & Innovation Award by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine last year with its LEV Seatpost!

Update May 2016: Check out our updated KS LEV Integra review


We were impressed with its many intelligent features, and it is one of the few dropper seatposts available with 150mm of travel (joined by the RockShox Reverb). The 150mm travel version of the LEV also works with frames that do not have internal cable routing. RockShox, on the other hand, only offers 150 mm travel with their Stealth model, requiring internal cable routing. To avoid possible cable interference with the frame or tires when the post is lowered, the actuator cable connects to the lower fixed assembly of the LEV. The cable connection is mounted to an adjustable collar which can be rotated all the way around in 20°-steps, allowing for various routing options.

The KindShock is controlled via a neat, ergonomic, and functional carbon lever on a synthetic mount. A remote that can be used in replacement of one of an ODI grip’s end clamps is also available –saving additional space and weight on the handlebar. With rounded edges, the lever literally clings to your thumb and only gentle pressure is needed in order to move the post. A barrel adjuster on the cable allows for easy adjustment of cable tension so only gentle effort is needed in order to release the LEV (the grip could be better under wet conditions). The extension speed of the post can be adjusted under the saddle clamp; however, the seat needs to be removed to do so.

In our tests the KindShock reliably held air pressure, so additional pumping was not needed. In terms of the LEV’s functionality, there was almost nothing to complain about: the post goes up and down smoothly and proved to be reliable. Only rarely, we noticed slight jiggling upon lowering the post and a little more pressure on the saddle was needed. Thanks to infinite clamping, the LEV locks in place in any desired position and without hesitation.


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You can read an in-depth feature about the group test and our conclusions in the actual ENDURO issue #008! As usual it’s free & only digital for iPad, Android-Tablets and Online-Viewer: Issue #008.


Update May 2016: Check out our updated KS LEV Integra review

Text: Aaron Steinke Pictures: Fabian Rapp