What’s worse than hammering down an awesome trail and all of a sudden getting a flat tire? Probably the moment afterwards when you try to fix it under pressure while your friends are rushing you to change the tube faster, saying that you are ruining their strava time!


In those cases where you just want to inflate your tire fast and comfortably you need a reliable air pump. The LEZYNE Micro Floor Drive HVG offers all the advantages of a big floor pump in a compact backpack format. ENDURO had various units of the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive working hard over the last few months – here is what we think after many kilometers of trails shredded and many tires inflated!

Kompakt und sehr effizient - die Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG Minipumpe passt perfekt in jeden Rucksack und bietet gerade bei großvolumigen Enduro-Pneus maximale Pumpleistung, eine einfache Handhabung und ein sehr hochwertiges Finish!
With a length of 300 millimeters the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG is small enough to still fit well in any backpack.
Die hochwertige Aluminium
The high-end manufacture of the CNC-milled aluminum parts ensures first-class feel and ergonomics. The small, hinged pedestal helps to make pumping easier!
Die Hochvolumen-Pumpe  ist von der Bedienung, Handhabung und Schnelligkeit her über jeden Zweifel erhaben.  Maximal 6.2 bar sind mit der langlebigen, 195 Gramm leichten Pumpe möglich.
The high-volume pump is a master of tire inflation, offering speed, power, and style. A maximum of 90 psi (6.2 Bar) is possible with this durable, 195 gram pump.
Der ABS Flip-Thread Chuck ermöglicht die einfache Verwendung der Pumpe für Presta- und Schraderventile. Zudem besitzt er ein Integriertes Ablasssystem zum Optimieren des Reifendrucks.
The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck allows the use for Presta and Schrader valves. Further there’s an integrated system to discharge air from the tire to optimize the air pressure.

It’s easy to screw the pump head on the valve making it easy to inflate the tire without having to hold the pump head. Unfortunately, sometimes while unscrewing the pump head we also unscrewed the valve core with the result that all air in the tube escaped. This meant: Pump it up again!

Das Stabmanometer zeigt den Luftdruck nur mäßig zufriedenstellend an, es dient vielmehr als Orientierung.
The pressure gauge is integrated in the pump’s tube, helping to put the correct air pressure in the tire. Nevertheless it’s to small to provide reliable and exact data.
Die Lezyne Micro Floor Drive ist als HV (ohne Stabmanometer) und als HVG (mit Stabmanometer) ab 49,90 Euro erhältlich.
The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive is available in two versions: HV (without gauge) and as HVG (with gauge).

Bottom line: Compact and very efficient – the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG mini air pump fits well in backpacks and offers great performance, especially inflating high-volume trail tires, easy handling and great workmanship! This is why this air pump is the favorite pump of our test crew. The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV also convinced our select jury of the Design & Innovation Award 2014 by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine winning in the category “Parts & Equipment”.

Price: 49.90 Euros More info: www.Lezyne.com

Words: Robin Schmitt Photo: Christoph Bayer