The Stego is Scotts first trail- and enduro-specific bike helmet. According to Scott it offers more protection than traditional crosscountry lids while maintaining good ventilation. We put these promises to the test during a long hot summer.


The shape of the Stego is very different from its XC-relatives: Instead of sitting only on top of the head, the shell of the Stego drops low at the back and also extends around the ears. To prevent the riders head from overheating within the large contact area, Scott has included a well thought out ventilation system! The air not only reaches the head, but vents are designed to create a cooling air flow, with vents on the back of the helmet acting as exits for the air.


On the inside, the Scott Stego is equipped with the bright yellow MIPS system: A sliding layer between helmet and head keep rotational forces low to provide additional safety while crashing.


Additional features: The visor is removable for those who wish to pair the half-shell with goggles. On top of the helmet is a large, flat area, designed to mount an action-cam or a headlight.


But let’s leave headcam features and strange goggle styles aside for a moment and concentrate on what matters: how did the Stego perform in practice. Given the very thin padding, we were almost surprised at how comfortable the Scott was to wear. Clearly fit is always a very individual thing, but at least among our test riders the Stego always fitted very well without any pressure points. At 344g the weight is fully acceptable too.


The rotary adjustment wheel at the back of the head to fine-adjust the helmet size worked faultlessly during the test and – together with the adjustable chinstrap – provided a secure and comfy fit.

Even on warm days the ventilation system of the Stego performed admirably: Even at relatively low speeds the cooling effect of the air ducts could be felt, heat is effectively carried away. A good cross country helmet is still a bit better ventilated – but this Scott lid provides better protection, and this is more important than a slightly cooler head!


A good fit, a working adjustment-system and an effective ventilation combined with MIPS-protection – there’s nothing to complain about the new Scott Stego enduro lid. However at 170 Euro’s it’s no bargain.

Words: Aaron Steinke | Photos: Tobias Leuz