Schwalbe introduces Dual chamber tires for ultra low pressures

Schwalbe Dual Chamber reifen

After enhancing the enduro experience with their top performing Super Gravity technology, the guys at Schwabe prove themselves innovative again: Together with Syntace, they developed a new tire system that enables extremely low pressures – and therefore ultimate grip – without increasing the danger of snakebites. The trick: two different air chambers.

No difference from the outside, big difference inside: new Schwalbe tires with two chamber system

No difference from the outside, big difference inside: new Schwalbe tires with two chamber system.

Each tire is split into two sections, both need no tube. The outer ring, directly under the tread, is intended to be filled with 1 bar (15 psi) or less to create the best grip possible. The inner ring – facing the rim – on the other hand, should have higher pressures to prevent dents in the rim and provide the tire with enough stability for aggressive cornering.

The combination of two different pressures creates a certain kind of a progressive resistance when the tire is compressed – a great idea with lots of potential in our opinion. Schwalbe plans to introduce the new system to its enduro and gravity lineup first, later it will be available for lighter tires too. Apropos weight: According to Schwalbe, the dual chamber system increases the weight by only 200 grams – so compared to a standard tube (about 190 grams) its nearly no added weight. Of course you’ll need a rim with holes for two valves. Syntace will offer them.

We can hardly wait to get our hands on the new tires and will provide you a full review as soon as possible – so watch this space!

Words: Aaron Steinke Photos: Robin Schmitt

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