Smith Optics Forefront Helmet


The Smith Forefront shows a completely new approach to helmet designs, breathing new life into a segment that should be most important to all of us – safety! The Aerocore™ construction with KOROYD® offers ventilation that is so effective you don’t even realize you are wearing a helmet. The KOROYD® material allows a more compact construction of the helmet, but also absorbs hits up to 30% better than normal EPS foam material. Nice details: integrated helmet camera and helmet light mounting, a mounting strap for goggles, and a wide compatibility with sports glasses and goggles.


  • Unique helmet concept with extraordinary comfort
  • Top combination of ventilation and weight
  • Clever features: integrated helmet camera & helmet light mounting, mounting strap for goggles
  • Available in 10 different colors

Price: 230 EUR
Weight: 337 GRAMS (MEDIUM)
Info: WWW.smithoptics.eu

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