In ENDURO Issue #008 of the Kind Shock LEV dropper seatpost impressed us with good performance and great handling. As part of our long-term test program, we now checked back to see how the Kind Shock LEV Integra behaved after 30,000 meters of up and down action, with lots of rain and tons of mud. Can the expensive seatpost offer the same good performance over a long time?

Die Kind Shock LEV Integra mit 150mm Verstellbereich im Rose Granite Chief von Dauertester Benny.
The Kind Shock LEV Integra with 150mm of adjustment in the Rose Granite Chief of long-term tester Benny.

Short uphills with steep downhills right after, flat trails with intermediate sprints, the terrain we tested the Kind Shock LEV Integra could not have been better for a telescopic seatpost. The test was carried out by Benny, who tested the seatpost on his Rose Granite Chief on the home trails around Landau / Germany.

Satte 150mm Verstellbereich bietet die Kind Shock LEV. Somit ist maximale Bewegungsfreiheit auch in steilem Gelände gewährleistet.
The Kind Shock LEV provides 150mm of adjustment. Thus guaranteed the maximum freedom of movement even in steep terrain.

Kind Shock offers the LEV in five different versions with an adjustment range of 65 – 150mm. The seatpost is available for almost any seat tube diameter. Riders have the choice between models, from a skinny 27.2mm carbon version with 65mm adjustment for racers to a model with 150mm of travel for maximum freedom between the legs.

Der schlanke Verstellhebel lässt sie nah am Griff montieren und überzeugt mit einer guten Ergonomie.
The slim lever can be mounted close to the bars, confident with its good ergonomics.

The smooth function we enjoyed in the test in issue #008 would continue, and has proven itself in the endurance test. The combination of mechanical cable routing and hydraulic smoothness are impressive. The forces which are needed to push the lever are low and the desired saddle height can be selected easily at all times. Even after more than 30,000 hours we had not had to change the cable.

Der Shape des Hebels ist für den Daumen optimiert. So ist volle Kontrolle auch bei schlechten Wetter garantiert.
The shape of the lever is optimized for the thumb. So the full control even at bad weather guaranteed.
Mit Hilfe der Hülle lässt sich die Zugspannung einstellen.
The tension of the cable can be adjusted easily.
Der Verstellhebel sitzt nah am Lenker, ist dadurch auch bei Stürzen gut geschützt und ermöglicht eine stufenlose Verstellung der Sattelstütze.
The lever is located close to the handlebars, so it is well protected and allows a infinite adjustment of the seat post.

Despite the large adjustment range of 150mm and the resulting large leverage on the guide bushes we could find no lateral play even after 5 months of usage. However, at around 700km of riding, we noticed significant performance degradation. Now, when lowering the seatpost a larger force and more sensitivity is needed. Especially when you sit far forward on the saddle, it seems to tilt inside and can only be dropped unwillingly. A larger service, in which the seatpost was completely disassembled and cleaned, would improve the action, but not completely eliminate it

Kleinere Fahrer sollten die Einbauhöhe der Sattelstütze im Auge behalten und im Zweifelsfall besser zum  kürzeren Modell greifen.
Smaller riders should keep the installation height of the seatpost in eye.

Bottom Line:

The Kind Shock LEV Integra convinced with ease of use, good function and solid workmanship. For a price of 375 € (RRP), the customer receives a product that works, and ensures more fun on the trails. The problems in lowering the KS LEV after approximately 700 kilometers did however tarnish the overall impression of the post.

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Words: Christoph Bayer Picutres: Robin Schmitt