Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive – € 169.95

If you need a high-quality floor-standing pump then the Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive is the best in test. The pump has the highest working pressure – claimed to be 220 psi but we found the blow off valve started to drain at around 200 psi – which it delivers faster than any other pump in this group test. The long nylon reinforced hose makes inflating tyres on a stand a no-brainer and the ABS2 Chuck pump head is a work of art, with a ‘pull release’ that eliminates any risk of unscrewing the valve core. The higher pressure main piston does mean the pump takes a little longer to charge, 52 strokes to 160 psi, but every stroke is well damped and beautifully smooth.

The higher pressure inflated our test tire to around 40 psi on the first charge so no need to top up, simply use the bleed valve to set the perfect pressure and you are good to go. Our only tiny criticism is that the bleed valve is located on the pump head, not the pump body, fine adjustments would be quicker if it were next to the gauge. The steel and aluminium construction screams quality with a comfortably shaped wooden handle, and every part is user serviceable. To finish the class leading package, the digital gauge proved impressively accurate against our calibrated gauge. Everything about the Lezyne shouts quality and durability, a joy to use in every way. We have no hesitation awarding it the best in test. An analogue version is available for € 139.95.


+ A masterpiece of construction
+ Most powerful in the test


– Bleed port location

The digital gauge is clear and accurate, perfect for fine adjustments.
The ABS2 pump head is a work of art, simple and easy to use, with no risk of pulling out the valve core.