Trans Savoie Enduro Highlights 2013 & Entry Instructions 2014

The inaugural Trans-Savoie Enduro, August 2013.
28 Stages, 22,500m Descent, 300Km, 6 days of Racing.
Overall Results (Total time over 28 Stages):

1) Rene WILDHABER (4h 32min 57s)
2) Armin BEELI (4h 38min 32s)
3) Neil DONOGHUE (4h 49min 33s)
Female winner – Hanna BARNES (7h 10min 12s)

There will be 100 slots available for the 2014 race, which will run 24th-31st August 2014.

With around twice the vertical descent and half the total climbing of similar multi-day stage races such as the Trans-Provence; if you like the idea of a multi-day enduro that is more focussed on technical ability than elite level fitness – this could be right up your street.

Entries open Thursday 31st October 2013 and are expected to sell out quickly. Race Entry fee is 1249 GBP / 1495 Euros which includes airport transfers & all catering and mobile-camp accommodation.

Details on the application process here: http://www.Trans-Savoie.com/entry.php

More informations: WEB | facebook

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