Video: SRAM XX1 – Enduro Part 2: Flat Out and Focused

Enduro is demanding on riders and bikes in the same way: it requires a unique combination of all-out riding and reliability over long stages, multiple days of racing and ultimately a long season. This second chapter follows the best enduro racers in the world from the iconic Mega Avalanche in Alpe d’Huez to the final race of the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy. Here, in addition to Jerome Clementz’s victory in both the race and overall, Curtis Keene, Rene Wildhaber, Anka Martin, Anneke Beerten and many more reflect on the first season of the Enduro World Series and what it means to be an enduro racer today.

at the third round of the Enduro World Series, Les 2 Alps, France OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA during the final stop of the EWS, Finale, Italy. during the final stop of the EWS, Finale, Italy. SRAMXX1part2-07

Photos: Sven Martin

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