Saddles worth about 1 million euro have been stolen from Selle San Marco warehouses in Rossano Veneto (VI) during the night between Friday November 29th and Saturday 30th.

This is the market value of the 6.000 saddles stored in more than 300 boxes ready to be shipped, that the thieves robbed introducing themselves within the factory after having forced the gate of the shipment storehouse, which is located on the back. High-end saddles as the top 2014 model Aspide Superleggera, all the Carbon FX models with Carbon rails and the Racing models.
Besides the theft, it remains to evaluate now the unexplained damage caused by acts of vandalism to products left in stock. Further investigation are still ongoing.

Aspide Superleggera
Aspide Superleggera

A terrible blow for the company, worldwide famous for the production of hand-made saddles for bicycles. The unfortunate incident happened, in fact, at an important moment of the process of delivery of the new 2014 models, which are proving to be very successful in the market.

Investigators believe that the stolen goods can now be outside of the Italian national territory, but they are unlikely to be sold because the saddles have a warranty hologram and ID numbers of each product under the shell. At this time the company is checking the details of the codes involved.

Selle San Marco apologizes in advance with their customers for the disruption that they will suffer in the upcoming days because of this. Unfortunately, it is in fact necessary a reorganization and a repurchase of components to process the orders and to realize them again and this will cause inevitable delays. The staff of Selle San Marco will try to answer as soon as possible the countless e-mails.

The company also asked to point out to the products that in the market may have too low prices and any suspicious situations. Everything will remain anonymous.

Words & Photos: Selle San Marco

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