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SCOR 4060 first ride review – What’s the debut model of the new Swiss bike brand capable of? We tested both the short and long-travel versions for you!

The new Swiss bike manufacturer enters the stage – pardon, the trail – not with one, but two new bikes! Using the 4060 frame platform as a basis, SCOR have built two nimble and fun bikes with 140/160 mm travel respectively. Here are all the details and a first riding impression of the exciting new bikes.

Have you never heard of SCOR? Neither did we, at least until now. The new Swiss bike manufacturer, which is lucky enough to call the Jura mountains and Chaumont Bikepark their home, was only founded recently and has unveiled the brand-new 4060 frame platform. Depending on the suspension travel, the bike is suitable both for trail riding and bike park sessions. In the development stage, riding fun was high on SCOR’s list of priorities. Although the brand is new, the team behind it has many years of experience in the bike industry and knows exactly what it takes to launch a new frame platform.

Steeze over Speed: riding fun was high on the list of priorities of the young Swiss brand.

SCOR 4060 ST GX | 150/140 mm (f/r) | € 6,299 | Manufacturer’s website
SCOR 4060 LT GX | 170/160 mm (f/r) | € 6,299 | Manufacturer’s website

The SCOR 4060 in detail

“Two bikes in one” is the dictum of the new 4060: using the same full carbon frame platform, the Swiss brand built a long travel (LT) and a short travel version (ST) of their 4060 debut model. Both versions roll on big 29” and rely on the same twin-link rear suspension system, albeit with different amounts of travel. While the LT version combines 170 mm travel at the front with 160 mm at the rear, the short-travel ST model relies on a shorter stroke length to generate 140 mm rear travel, which is paired with 150 mm upfront. The geometry of both bikes can be adjusted using a flip chip in the shock mount and angleset headset.

To keep the center of gravity as low as possible, SCOR integrated the shock deep into the frame. Depending on the model, the twin-link rear suspension system generates 140 mm or 160 mm travel.
The flip chip in the shock mount allows you to adapt the geometry of the bike and convert the 4060 from the ST to the LT version. A special angleset headset lets you adapt the head angle.

According to SCOR, mechanicals and malfunctions are the ultimate party pooper on the trail and since riding fun is high on the list of priorities of the young brand, they’ve packed their new frame with countless smart details. There’s enough room to accommodate a big water bottle in the main frame triangle while the top tube features a mount point for a tool strap. There’s also a small storage compartment in the down tube, which is padded to ensure a quite and allows you to carry a CO2 cartridge and tire plugs. One of the absolute highlights is the spare UDH mech hanger, which is bolted directly onto the frame inside the storage compartment, where it’s quick and easy to access.

A small storage compartment allows you to carry all your trail essentials. Inside the compartment, a spare UDH mech hanger is bolted directly to the frame. Terrific!
On top of the storage compartment, there’s a tool strap mount on the top tube…
… and bottle cage mounts.

The SCOR 4060 – Frame protection for a unique look

While all new bikes look great on the shop floor, just a few months on the trail can turn the meanest-looking rig into a sad scratch collection. Fortunately, increasingly more manufacturers deliver their bikes with a pre-cut frame protector as standard. SCOR took it a step further, teaming up with frame-protection specialist Slicy to deliver their bikes with a unique look. When ordering your bike, you can choose from countless templates or even create your own design using the Slicy configurator – very cool! Furthermore, the 4060 comes ex-works with an elaborate chainstay protector, which is meant to replicate the brand’s local jump line. A small mud-flap at the rear protects the shock from flying debris and muck and the lid of the storage compartment serves as a downtube protector. All details are well thought out!

The pre-cut Slicy frame protector is tailored to suit the frame of the 4060. While one design option is already included in the price of the bike, you can use the Slicy configurator to create your own individual design for a spare frame protector.

The spec of the SCOR 4060 ST GX

For the spec of the 4060, SCOR chose trail performance over bling. The Swiss manufacturer deliberately saved on less performance-relevant parts and spent the money on more crucial components such as a high-quality suspension instead. As the name suggests, the € 6,299 4060 ST GX flagship model comes equipped with a SRAM GX groupset with carbon cranks. Braking is taken care of by SRAM CODE RSC brakes with 200 mm rotors front and rear. The RockShox suspension consists of Lyrik Ultimate fork and Super Deluxe Ultimate shock, controlling 150/140 mm travel respectively. The 4060 rolls on a high-quality 29” DT Swiss XM 1700 alloy wheelset paired with MAXXIS tires with puncture-prone EXO and EXO + casing, at the front and rear, respectively. SCOR combine an ASSEGAI with the super-soft 3C MaxxGrip rubber compound at the front and a faster-rolling DISSECTOR 3C MaxxTerra at the rear. A 185 mm BikeYoke Divine dropper post gets the saddle out of your way on descents and ensures good freedom of movement. For the cockpit, SCOR rely on their own-brand 800 mm carbon handlebars and Burgtec Enduro MK3 stem.


€ 6,299


Fork RockShox Pike
Ultimate RC2 150 mm
Rear Shock RockShox Super Deluxe
Ultimate 140 mm
Seatpost Bikeyoke Divine 125/160/185 mm
Brakes SRAM Code RSC 200/200 mm
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle Carbon Lunar 1x12
Stem Burgtec Enduro MK3 35 mm
Handlebar SCOR Carbon Bar 800 mm
Wheelset DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline 29"
Tires Maxxis Assegai/Dissector 2.5/2.4

Technical Data

Size S M L XL

RockShox supply the 150 mm Lyrik Ultimate fork of the 4060 ST…
… and the Super Deluxe Ultimate shock that controls 140 mm travel at the rear
The BikeYoke Divine dropper post offers 160 mm travel.
The name of the SCOR 4060 ST GX says it all. Shifting is taken care of by a 12-speed GX drivetrain with 10-52 cassette.
The 4060 ST rolls on a DT SWISS XM1700 29” wheelset…
…with a MAXXIS ASSEGAI tire at the front and fast-rolling DISSECTOR at the rear, both with the flimsy EXO casing.
The cockpit relies on a Burgtec stem and SCOR’s own-brand 800 mm carbon handlebars.
SRAM CODE RSC brakes with…
… 200 mm rotors front and rear provide powerful and reliable deceleration – top!

The spec of the SCOR 4060 LT GX

While SCOR adapt the suspension of the ST and LT models to suit their respective area of application, the rest of the spec is pretty much identical – except for some details. For the bulkier 4060 LT model, which retails for € 6,299, the Swiss replace the RockShock suspension with a FOX Factory 38 fork with GRIP2 damper and FLOAT X2 shock, controlling 170/160 mm travel at the front and rear respectively. Annoying: The enclosed frame construction hides the high-speed rebound adjuster, making it hard to reach. Except for the suspension, the more aggressive LT model relies on the same components as its short travel counterpart. With one exception: the MAXXIS DISSECTOR rear tire comes with the more robust Doubledown casing. Given the area of application of the 4060 LT, this would be a better option for both wheels. We’re curious to see whether the relatively light DT Swiss XM 1700 wheelset can survive the hardships of a bike park season. Or would a more robust EX 1700 be the better choice?


€ 6,299


Fork Fox Float 38
Factory Series 170 mm
Rear Shock Fox Float X2 Factory Series 160 mm
Seatpost Bikeyoke Divine 125/160/185 mm
Brakes SRAM Code RSC 200/200 mm
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle Carbon Lunar 1x12
Stem Burgtec Enduro MK3 35 mm
Handlebar SCOR Carbon Bar 800 mm
Wheelset DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline 29"
Tires Maxxis Assegai/Dissector 2.5/2.4

Technical Data

Size S M L XL

The LT version features a 170 mm FOX 38 Factory fork with GRIP 2 damper
The FOX FLOAT X2 Factory shock offers countless adjustments and controls 160 mm travel at the rear.
Unfortunately, the high-speed rebound adjuster is hard to reach.
The 4060 LT relies on the same wheel/tire combination as its short-travel counterpart. The only difference: the rear tire features the more robust Doubledown casing.

More spec options for the SCOR 4060

Alongside the two GX high-end models, SCOR also offer the 4060 in a more affordable NX build kit, which includes a SRAM NX drivetrain. This retails for € 4,299 and comes equipped with a RockShox ZEB and Super Deluxe shock, CODE R brakes and SCOR’s own-brand alloy cockpit. The ST model retails for the same price and is specced with comparable components. Once again, the biggest difference between the ST and LT version is the suspension: the affordable short travel 4060 relies on a RockShox Pike fork and Super Deluxe Select shock, both controlling 150 mm travel. The frame kit is sold with a FOX Factory FLOAT X2 (LT) or RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate (ST) and costs € 3,299 and € 3,499 respectively.

The geometry of the SCOR 4060

New brand, new sizes. Right from the beginning, SCOR have committed themselves to giving their customers free choice of sizes, renouncing the traditional “S to XL” sizing and allowing them to choose their frame size based on their desired reach instead. The 4060 is available in four sizes, 435, 459, 485 and 515. The short seat tube allows you to choose from at least two frame sizes and lets you insert the dropper post all the way into the frame. Chainstay length is 433 mm across all sizes, which is rather short, especially on the bigger frames.

Size S – 435 M – 459 L – 485 XL – 515
Seat tube 400 mm 425 mm 440 mm 470 mm
Top tube 562/564 mm 590/592 mm 621/623 mm 655/657 mm
Head tube 87 mm 99 mm 115 mm 127 mm
Head angle 63.8/65° 63.8/65° 63.8/65° 63.8/65°
Seat angle 77.9/77.4° 77.9/77.4° 77.9/77.4° 77.9/77.4°
Chainstay 432 mm 432 mm 432 mm 432 mm
BB height 348/351 mm 348/351 mm 348/351 mm 348/351 mm
Wheelbase 1,206/1,193 mm 1,230/1,217 mm 1,255/1,242 mm 1,285/1,272 mm
Reach 435/431 mm 459/456 mm 485/481 mm 515/511 mm
Stack 601/603 mm 612/615 mm 626/629 mm 637/640 mm
Size S – 435 M – 459 L – 485 XL – 515
Seat tube 400 mm 425 mm 440 mm 470 mm
Top tube 560/561 mm 589/590 mm 620/621 mm 654/655 mm
Head tube 87 mm 99 mm 115 mm 127 mm
Head angle 64.5/65.5° 64.5/65.5° 64.5/65.5° 64.5/65.5°
Seat angle 78.5/78° 78.5/78° 78.5/78° 78.5/78°
Chainstay 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm
BB height 338/340 mm 338/340 mm 338/340 mm 338/340 mm
Wheelbase 1,198/1,185 mm 1,223/1,210 mm 1,248/1,235 mm 1,278/1,265 mm
Reach 440/436 mm 465/461 mm 490/485 mm 520/516 mm
Stack 597/599 mm 608/611 mm 622/625 mm 633/636 mm

The SCOR 4060 first ride review

We’ve tested the SCOR 4060 LT GX and SCOR 4060 ST GX in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Although the steep, wet and muddy trails didn’t offer the ideal testing conditions, we can give you a first riding impression for both bikes.

Both models are very quiet on the trail, even with fast consecutive impacts. While the MAXXIS ASSEGAI front tire ensures excellent traction even in muddy conditions, the shallow-profiled DISSECTOR struggles to bite into the ground on soft forest ground, showing its strengths on hard pack flow trails instead. Both test bikes in size 485 ensure plenty of freedom of movement in all directions, allowing you to compensate for the low front, even on steep trails.

While the foul weather made it impossible to put the bikes through a thorough test, our chief of testing Felix was able to get a first impression of the new bikes.

Instead of smoothing out everything that gets in its path, the SCOR 4060 LT offers direct feedback from the trail and provides plenty of support to pop off ledges, despite its generous 160 mm rear travel. If you get too excited and overshoot a jump, the progressive rear suspension of the SCOR will handle even harsh huck-to-flats without batting an eyelid. When changing direction, the nimble 4060 LT prefers to smash through berms on the inside line, flicking the short rear-end into the turn with a loud braap. It might not be fast, but it’s so much fun! Fast bike park tracks with deep brake bumps expose the dark side of the agile and progressive character of the 4060, which lacks smoothness and traction when the going gets rough.

Despite offering plenty of reserves with hard impacts, the 4060 LT eagerly pops into the air, transforming the smallest ledge into a jump.

Even the long travel version of the 4060 is pleasantly playful and still offers plenty of reserves. Talking of playfulness, however, the 4060 ST turns it up a notch, converting every obstacle into air miles and begging you to surf down the trail with a manual and feeling a lot more predictable and intuitive than its long-travel counterpart, especially when carving through corners.

With the 4060, less travel doesn’t mean less fun. The ST version is great fun and encourages you to carve through corners with a manual.


New Swiss brand SCOR enters the stage with a bang, unveiling two bikes that are based on the same frame platform and designed to deliver uncompromised riding fun. Both visually and technically, the SCOR 4060 is packed with smart details. Both versions are incredibly nimble and love pulling manuals, wheelies and jumps. Across the entire range, the Swiss chose trail performance over bling, relying on a well-thought-out spec and a high-quality suspension. We can’t wait to see how the 4060 fares in our next group test.

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Words: Felix Stix Photos: Felix Stix, Jey Crunch

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