Strava has long since embedded itself as the go-to tracking app for riders of all types. In fact, many of us even regard it as a serious training tool, relying on the maps that show where you’ve ridden as proof of your exertion and the urge to climb higher on the countless segment ranking lists as motivation. But, recently, third-party companies have started to launch additional Strava tools, which have exciting functions that go far beyond the basics of Strava. We’ve handpicked the best tools and enhancing features for Strava – here are the first five of the current crop!

Nach der Strava-Analyse im Auto folgt ab sofort die trainingswirksame Nachbereitung am PC.
After the initial post-ride check in the car, you have to wait until you’re in front of your laptop for a more in-depth analysis.

1. Strava Segment Details:

Incredible tool that gives you a detailed breakdown of individual segments.

Once a route is completed, the Strava App shows certain chunks of information relating to the segments you passed, such as power expended, the overall best times of those who have ridden that specific one, and the topographical data too. But if you were yearning after yet more stats then you’d be wise to check out the Strava Segment Details tool. Designed by Jonathan O’Keefe, this app links directly to your Strava account and displays a host of further stats and a comprehensive history of the segment in question.

In der KOM Podium History kannst du sehen, ob du es wenigstens schon mal zu einem virtuellen Podium gebracht hast.
On the KOM Podium History you can check back to see whether you’ve made it to the top (virtual) step at least once.

With tables, graphs and diagrams, the podium history is outlined in-depth, showing the first, second and third-placed riders of any segment alongside an overview of every single rider’s power expenditure. It’s super interesting to see just how often certain segments are subjected to two wheels, and how the top times vary from year to year and month to month.

Alles was du über ein Segment wissen musst und noch mehr.
Everything you need to know about a segment … and more.

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2. Flyby:

Great overview showing exactly what – and whose – rides are taking place simultaneously.

Who hasn’t wondered at one point or other just exactly who that speed-demon rider is as they fly by on a rather nice looking bike, or that cool-looking one who rode by and said hi? Fortunately, the Flyby tool from Strava Labs lets you solve exactly these questions. This really cool gimmick creates an animation of your ride and all the other local rides that took place at exactly the same time.

Take a peek at this video to see the animated reality of one of our rides in our local woods – impressive!

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3. Achievement Map

A map visualization of all of your KOM/QOMs or those of a pro!

Are you pretty amazed at just how many places you’ve ridden your bike? Your own personal Achievement Map enables you to re-live those global highlights as you are greeted with the sight of all your best performances on various trails around the world. Simply enter your Strava user ID and check it out!

Besonders interessant: Die Duftmarken weitgereister Fahrer wie EWS-Athlet Curtis Keene aus den USA.
It’s particularly interesting to check out where well-travelled pros have marked their territory, such as the American EWS athlete Curtis Keene.

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4. SNAP:

Correct mistake-ridden GPS files and render your times legitimate!

The SNAP Tool from enables you to correct any inconsistencies on your route by optimizing the GPS track, providing you’ve ridden along a stretch that appears on Google Maps, then you can download the corrected file. This way you can win back potentially crucial seconds. In any case, this is a legitimate way to make sure you’re documenting a genuine performance, and can ultimately help you to train better.

KOM verpasst und das nur, weil es zu Weihnachten kein neues Handy gab? Alles Schnee von gestern – SNAP korrigiert deinen Track und exportiert ihn anschließend.
Missed a KOM or QOM just because your mobile phone is a bit unreliable? No worries – let SNAP correct your track so you can export a mistake-free version.

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5. Strava Premium Account:

For 5.49 €/month why not get a Strava Premium Account, which includes more interesting features.

If you’re completely beguiled by Strava, constantly on the hunt for new segments and consider Strava a great way of keeping your training consistent – then the Premium Account provides some of the best ways to extract as much useful data as possible from your rides.

Dank der Echtzeit-Segmente-Funktion siehst du sofort, ob du deine Zeit auf dem Trail verbessern konntest.
Thanks to the real-time segment function, you can immediately see whether you can improve your time on the trails.

By signing up for a Premium Account you can access the following functions too: suffer score, filtering options for the rankings, setting personal goals, performance analysis, fitness and condition, GPX download, real-time segments, active friends, training videos from The Sufferfest and your own trophy collection.

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If this isn’t enough to get you going then check back next week for our second list that contains five more tools to guarantee you’ll have fun with Strava.

Words: Laurenz Utech | Photo: Robin Schmitt / Screenshots

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