Airshot review – the original inflator

The Airshot is a tubeless inflator veteran and has been around for longer than most of its competition. Can the original design still compete with its newer competitors?

Airshot £49

The Airshot is simple and easy to use. It’s surprisingly light, and therefore not very stable when standing up. The build quality, however, is great and all the fittings and mechanisms inspire confidence. As with all threader inflator heads, you have to be a little careful when removing it from the valve to avoid unthreading the core.

The Airshot is well built and easy to use
The threaded inflator head ensures a secure fit, but pay attention as you unthread it

The Airshot smashed the test field in our lab, delivering an incredibly fast 4.7 l/s flow rate in our tests. It also delivered a solid one-shot pressure of 27 psi.

The Airshot has stood the test of time, proving itself against a new wave of competitors. We were impressed by its ease of use, quality and performance, and therefore, the Airshot walks away from our standalone tubeless inflator test with the coveted ‘Best in Test’ badge.


  • Easy to use
  • Well designed
  • Great performance


  • Threaded inflator head offers a secure fit, but can loosen the valve core if not used carefully

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Words & Photos: Finlay Anderson

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