You have a problem with the ENDURO magazine app and require assistance? If the general tips on this page don’t help, please contact support using our contact form. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to write.

General tips

1. Restart the app.

Many issues are resolved by restarting the app. If you are experiencing problems, try this first.

2. Restart your Device.

If restarting the app does not fix your problem, try to restart your device.

3. Redownload and reinstall the App.

If restarting your device doesn’t help either, you can try to redownload the app again and install it afterwards.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I read a hardcopy of ENDURO in print?
No. ENDURO is an exclusively digital format magazine for iPads and iPhones.
Is ENDURO really free?
Yes, there are no hidden subscriptions or fees.
How often is ENDURO Cycling Magazine published?
ENDURO is published six times a year. The website will be updated daily with exciting and current news.
How much space do I need to download the magazine and app?
The app takes up about 10 MB, and each issue you download will need a further 200-500 MB. The actual size depends on the magazine’s content and your version (Retina or Standard).
Which iOS version do I need?
The GRAN FONDO app needs iOS 5.1.1 or newer, and it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of iOS.
The download keeps failing, what can I do?
Check your internet connection. If a download cuts off then it should re-start from where it stopped.
How can I delete older editions?
Click on the cogwheel in the top left of menu on the app. This will open another menu where you can choose to delete issues.
My app sometimes crashes when I’m trying to open it, what can I do?
Double-check you’re using the latest version of the magazine app. Updating the app will solve this issue. However, if there are no current updates available try re-opening the app in flight mode.