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Updated: Deuter Bike 1 and Trans Alpine Pro

New features fresh colours and of course a dedicated ladies’ version – Deuter updated both their classic Bike 1 model and the massive Trans Alpine Pro for the 2019 season.

For 2019 Deuter presents two updated, very stylish models — the Bike 1 and the Trans Alpine Pro.

The Bike 1 classic

As the first bike-specific backpack Deuter’s Bike 1 is an absolute evergreen. Thanks to its simple design and slim shape it can be used both as a conventional everyday backpack and a cycling backpack. The 2019 version of the Bike 1 backpack will feature an entirely redesigned body, an updated version of Deuter’s Airstripes carrying-system and modern materials — all of this in three different sizes. The Bike 1 14 entry model comes without a hip belt and costs € 69.95. For € 10 more you’ll get the same version with a hip belt — the 1 20. There is also a women-specific 18 litre version which costs € 79.95 and is called the Bike 1 18 SL. Like all Deuter women-specific backpacks the 18 SL has a slightly shorter backplate and a narrower and more contoured shoulder strap to fit the female anatomy. The Bike 1 14 and 18 SL will be available respectively in 2 colours, the Bike 1 20 in 3 colours. All models will be available from January 2019 at your trusted Deuter retailer.

The Bike 1 has been entirely revised and will be available in three version starting January 2019.
The 14-litre model for € 69.95
The 20-litre model with additional mesh hip strap for € 79.95
… and for the same money you’ll get the women-specific 18 SL. It features a shorter backplate and thinner ergonomic straps to fit the female anatomy.

The Trans Alpine Pro – Deuter’s packhorse

After updating the normal Trans Alpine model last season Deuter decided it was time to overwork the somewhat outdated Pro model for the 2019 season. Like the Bike 1 the Trans Alpine Pro Deuter features an entirely redesigned body. The latest version has finally got larger side pockets on the hip belt and an updated Airstripes carrying-system with new fabrics and a number of generous air ducts and perforations. The internal spring steel frame, the partition layout in the bladder pocket, the main compartment with a detachable bottom and the generous tool compartment remain untouched – just the last one features an updated tool-compartment for smaller pointy bits made of robust plastic mesh. Alongside the more modern materials there are a number of new features. These include a small pocket for either a mobile phone or a bank card which is accessible from the outside directly behind the backplate. There is also a special new holder on the shoulder strap where you can securely attach your sunglasses. Another clever detail is the new rubber coating on the upper part of the shoulder straps which will make hike-a-bike sections safer and easier

Entirely revised: the Trans Alpine Pro still features all the details that made the its predecessor so popular…
… separate bottom compartment…
… and a generous tool compartment.
And still the updated Trans Alpine Pro has a number of new clever features: larger pockets on the hip belt…
… an easily accessible side-pocket for mobile phones and bank cards…
… the updated version of the Airstripes system with significantly larger ventilation ducts and new materials
… and rubber-coated shoulder straps to make hike-a-bike sections safer and easier.

The Trans Alpine Pro will be available in two versions starting March 2019 : the 28-litre model will be available in two colours and the 26 SL ladies version in one colour. Both models will set you back € 179.95. The Trans Alpine Pro will be available in two versions starting March 2019: the 28-litre version will be available in 2 colours and the 26 SL women-specific version in just one colour-option. Both models will cost you € 179.95.

Both the Trans Alpine Pro 28 and the women-specific 26 SL shown in this picture will be available from March at a price of € 179.95.

More info can be found on the Deuter Website

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