Below you’ll find 8 of the finest mtb related products and bling to feast your eyes over! All the items have been rigorously tried and tested by yours truly to find any faults but these select eight simply don’t have any! Continue on reading or head over to issue #017 to check out the original article.

100% Speedcraft Glasses


Reputedly the fastest glasses out there, the brand­new 100% Speedcraft, with their retro and angular enveloping design, effectively protect your eyes against whipped­up debris even at the highest of speeds. Available in two sizes and many alternative colours, these glasses are tidily delivered in a high­quality case with two easily interchangeable lenses. Full style ahead!

Price: 159.00 € (Smoke Lens) up to 179.00 € (Mirror Lens)

For more info, visit:

Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubeless repair kit


Riding tubeless is great – finally you can ride low pressure without the constant fear of snakebites. However, the sealant in the tyres often isn’t sufficient when it comes to sealing anything bigger than a medium­sized cut. With the Dynaplug Micro Pro Tubeless repair kit, this is no longer an issue. Simply remove the offending object and place the plug (handily supplied in the compact kit) where desired (hint: not your nose), inflate the tyre, and you’re good to go. This has been a massive lifesaver on long rides for us, so it’s a definite must-have!

You can also find our review about this product here.

Price: 57.95 €

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evoc rucksack

In theory, a weekend outdoors, camping under the open sky and riding the coolest trails, always sounds like a dream – but the reality is sometimes not quite as glossy. Your backpack is too heavy, too uncomfortable, and just won’t stay in place. Enter the new EVOC FR TOUR: thanks to the wide waist belt and ergonomic cut, it sits securely . Offering thirty litres of volume, countless well thought­out details, and many practical compartments, this top­quality backpack is the perfect companion to realise those adventures.

Price: 140.00 €

Weight: 1,350g

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Lifeproof Case FRE


Smartphones have changed our lives! Even when riding, we don’t seem able to put them down. They track our routes, sort out our playlists, and record our heart rates. But there’s one problem: they break too easily! Here’s a solution in the form of the LifeProof Case. Smashed screens, dents, and soakings can be a thing of the past! This robust case should protect your expensive toy from any (well, most) potential trail hazards, while still allowing you full access to its functions. Say goodbye to #bendgate!

Price: 78.00 €

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Maisel Pale Ale


You can’t have missed the rise of the craft beer, now not just the preserve of tight­jeaned hipsters. We’re fans. This pale ale from Maisel combines the earthy flavour of hops (like you’d get from American pale ales) with various fruity aromas to create the perfect post­ride, BBQ, or chill­out refreshment this summer. Every fridge should come complete with the full range of these flavoured beers!

Price: 5.99 € (6×0.33l)

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Morgaw Trian Saddle

morgaw saddle

A bad saddle is nothing more than a pain in the ass, but fortunately the new MORGAW saddle is one solution. Its developers, Martin Moravcik and Slawek Gawlik, hope to have achieved a completely new feeling for all riders, declaring war against back problems and pressure on your genitals. Their weapons against numbness are the MORGAW patented shock absorbers, which reduce impacts and allow more flex on the sides of the saddle. The hardness varies – there are three types – and it depends on the rider’s weight. With an array of colourful screws, any bike can also be nicely customised with this saddle.

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Price: $149.00 (carbon rails), $119.00 (aluminium rails)

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Speedplay SYZR pedals

Speedplay pedals

The guys at Speedplay have come up trumps with the SYZR, which seriously mark the ultimate multi­purpose pedal. Finely milled, these amazing pedals aren’t just crammed with cool technical features (such as the special ceramic roller cams intended to guarantee consistent entry and exit), but they’re also super lightweight at just 275g. And if that’s not enough, the SYZR are suitable for every discipline from road riding to downhill, which not only excites us, but offers promise of their durability.

Price: 199.00 € (steel axle) up to 399.00 € (titanium axle)

Weight: 312 g (steel) 275 g (titanium)

For more info, visit:

Specialized Ambush helmet

specialized ambush

Occasionally a product comes along with a brand ­new feature that creates a monumental shift in the market – although the Specialized Ambush isn’t one of these. But, more importantly, it does fulfill every requirement we’d have for a modern open­face helmet. Lightweight, well ventilated, and nicely fitting, it also provides brilliant protection thanks to its generous coverage. Sometimes good is good enough, and that’s exactly why we love the Ambush.

You can also find our review with this helmet here.

Price: 179.90 €

Weight: 247 g (without visor)

For more info, visit:

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