The Backyard Series Ep. 3 – Llaullitrails

If riding in Cusco can be the wildest dream for any kind of rider around the world, for us is a day by day reality. Living at Cusco, inside a forest called Llaullipata, very close from the colonial and historic Cusco downtown, there are hundreds of epic trails for Enduro. We call it The Backyard. For many years we have been walking by all of the trails, just to convert them into a flowey system of trails with amazing downhill, uphill and endless kinds of terrain, from rock gardens and Inca trails, to natural pump-tracks! Such was the passion for Enduro in this area that some guys from Lima began to move for work in Cusco and live the “outdoors lifestyle” dream. Now, all members of our community are ambassadors of Columbia Sportswear, so with more reason we are all day thinking about going out and venturing to seek new Enduro, climbing, trekking routes, etc. This video was born from the idea of showing the variety of epic trails around this area and taking advantage of the visit of a good Chilean friend, Nicolas Prudencio, also ambassador of Columbia in Chile, to give credence to these words and show that Cusco is a world riding mecca! Enjoy the shots!

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