When we received the invitation to come to the presentation of the newest Mondraker gravity bike, Summum Carbon. (The new downhill bike frame for 27.5″ wheels is made entirely of carbon fiber) We didn’t know what to say… Downhill bikes? In ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine? Hmm ..

Sure, why not?

Before we get to the riding, we thought you might like a glimpse behind the scenes of such a feat of design and engineering. Cero Design, located in Barcelona, Spain has put together a beautiful summary of the design process in which they collaborated with Mondraker to create a harmonious integration of aesthetics and performance.

Most importantly, the geometry and essential parts of the bike are noted as the baseline for all overlaid drawings.
Most importantly, the geometry and essential parts of the bike are noted as the baseline for all overlaid drawings.
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So there you have it, months of hard work compressed into a few seconds of scrolling!

Now we know you want to see the bike, so without further delay:

The 2015 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team!
The 2015 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro Team!

Sometimes the line that divides bike categories is so thin that we like to jump it from time to time. Nowadays the manufacturing process of carbon frames is highly technical and precise, bikes so light that many enduro bikers from the last five years would love such a capable bike with such a light weight. Downhill bikes have become much more efficient than previous bikes. The 14,950 kg of new Summum Carbon proved it.

We took the plane in Barcelona with lots of expectations. 45 minutes later we landed in Alicante and moved straight to the Mondraker headquarters starting the 2 day trip accompanied by the Mondraker crew.

2014-10-28 Mondraker Press

Israel Romero, along with Luis, Miguel and the chief engineer Ming presented us with the new carbon process manufacture that we all know as Stealth from the Mondraker Foxy Carbon models, but applied this new downhill frame with some innovations. The result is better than expected a super lightweight frame of 2,837gr weight (no shock).

Expectations were high, so we were dreaming on testing this amazing Summum Carbon the next day. After setting the bike up we were shuttled into to the amazing Bikepark of la Fenasosa, a really fun place for downhill bikes, full of trails with jumps, doubles, berms and rocky sections. Although it was super fun to ride, it was a bit tricky to properly test a downhill bike due the amount of little rocks and lack of elevation.

2014-10-28 Mondraker Press

We had only a few hours of testing, since we spent half day taking photos with Sebas Romero and Oscar, the official photographers placed on the tracks. Still gave us time to take about 8-9 runs to test this engineering marvel.

The carbon frame is manufactured based on Stealth technology with the innovation of the new process called vacuum system to remove any air trapped between the fibers and increase the strength of the frame and remove weight. Additionally, they have introduced new bearings and a further reinforced axles. A new link below also has a through shaft to minimize maintenance.

Stealth construction allows for intricate details like the headtube junction.
Stealth construction allows for intricate details like the headtube junction.

Once you get to ride the new Mondraker Summum Carbon, you know you’re not riding another regular downhill bike. This is the F1 of DH bikes, lighter, stiffer, and fast, really fast. With the Mondraker Summum Carbon, you have a fully configurable frame made with the know-how of years competing in World Cups. Forward system geometry is still featured, and a highly stable, high speed bicycle is the result. It is striking not hearing any noise rolling down the rough trails of La Fenasosa Bikepark, the SRAM X01 DH drivetrain also helps of course, you can barely notice your chain while hitting the roughest rocky sections of the track.

Notice the integrated mudguard for the shock.
Notice the integrated mudguard for the shock.

Mondraker also kept the Zero Suspension system which has given many podiums to this Spanish brand. It is a very progressive suspension system that boasts highly efficient pedaling. It is true that it’s not as comfy as another bikes with more suspension travel, but it give you a faster reaction and a better feeling doing down, this lightweight bike reminds you of your Enduro Bike but way faster.

My first impressions on this bike were something like “Wowww …” and some “Arghhh” Homer Simpson style. I admit that was a crush, love at first sight at this new Mondraker Summum, both models, the Team and Pro.

The 2015 Summum Carbon Pro
The 2015 Summum Carbon Pro
2014-10-28 Mondraker Press

Once you start riding you realize how light this bike feels in your legs, just about 2 kg difference between a good Enduro bike and this Summum. It is very easy to handle, especially for those who are accustomed to an enduro bike. As for suspension, it is another story, the additional travel absorbs the bumps with exquisite softness you can barely hear over the noise of the air passing. We were lucky to try jumping, and truth to be told Mr. Hart joined us, and of course the whips he displayed all day were nothing short of miraculous!


-Not a single noise
-Geometry fully configurable

Tech Information:

– 2 versions available Summum Carbon Pro / Summum Carbon Team
– 3 available sizes: S (15,5”), M (17”), L (19”)
– Stealth Carbon Exclusive design
– Optimized Zero Suspension
– Evolved Forward Geometry
– Adjustable geometry chain stays
– Redesigned machined aluminum cnc links
– Ball bearings and oversizes axles
– Ahead headset with adjustable geometry (+-2, +-1, 0o)
– Exclusive protectors for down tube and right chain stay
– 142x12mm rear axle
– Frame weight without shock: 2.837gr
– Summum Carbon Pro Team: 14,950gr / Summum Carbon Pro (15,400gr)
– Lifetime warranty

Words: Pablo Moreno Photos: Cero Design, Sebas Romero

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