Best in test RockShox Lyrik RC2 – € 1,109

Seeing the red mist, the new Lyrik RC2 has changed everything. It’s fair to say that the previous generation RockShox Lyrik felt like a muscled up PIKE, that’s no bad thing as the PIKE is a superb performer, but the Lyrik lacked a little sparkle and presence in the enduro sector. Representing a ground-up redesign RockShox have dramatically increased the volume of the negative spring by a claimed 42% and added a new low-friction CNC’ed aluminium seal head to the air spring, they also launched the new Charger 2 damper. The new seal head moves over the shaft with less friction, smoothing the stroke and having a marked effect on performance. The Charger 2 damper also features a new high-speed compression dial with 5 clicks to preload the compression circuit, providing more adjustment for heavier and lighter riders. For our 80kg testers, we found the central setting to offer the most support. The air-spring is still tunable with bottomless tokens, but we found we needed at least one less compared to the last model, suggesting the damping curve now offers more support in the middle of the stroke.

On the trails, the RockShox Lyrik RC2 is pure dynamite, charging through terrain with zero fuss and total composure. The way the Charger 2 damper deals with fast repetitive hits is a masterclass, recovery is exceptional from hit to hit and the fork never felt flustered or confused, even when heavily side loaded in rock gardens. The new seal head and negative spring have really improved the sensitivity, the ride is magic carpet smooth and we found we were able to ride harder and longer without suffering arm pump. The 35 mm stanchions and sleek chassis do look slender compared to some of the burlier competition but don’t be fooled, the fork is stiff. We felt like we could hold lines well and found ourselves pushing into direct lines harder and faster than most of the other forks. It’s good to see RockShox will be offering the DebonAir air-chamber separately as an upgrade for previous Lyrik, PIKE and Yari RC models for €47. The Charger 2 RC2 damper cartridge is also available as an upgrade but it’s not cheap at €259 – 349. The Lyrik deserves the hype it is creating, RockShox make many claims about the reduced friction, 73% smoother this and 86% improved that, whatever the numbers, the new Lyrik RC2 is an animal on the trail.


The RockShox Lyrik RC2 is easy to setup, offers impeccable performance and undercuts its main rival by almost €300, the RockShox Lyrik RC2 is unbeatable. From the start line of an EWS to fun trail riding, the RockShox Lyrik RC2 is the perfect package.

+ Superb sensitivity
+ Sublime damping and support
– No Q/R axle

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