Best value Marzocchi Bomber Z1 € 899

The legend is back, well, in a way. Anyone who remembers biking in the days of cantilever brakes and DCDs will know that the first Marzocchi Z1 fork was iconic, a real game changer. When FOX took over ownership of the long-standing Marzocchi brand its future looked bleak, but we now see that FOX have repositioned the brand as an affordable alternative to the FOX lineup with the Bomber Z1 now championing performance at a price. The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 features burly 36 mm stanchions and lower legs made from 6000 series aluminium, with travel adjustable in 10 mm increments from 130 – 170 mm in 29” or 150 – 180 mm in 27.5”. On the air spring side, an EVOL chamber allows quick and easy adjustment of the springs volume (and thus its curve) using clip on volume reducers. On the damper side, the tried and tested FOX GRIP damper gives control over rebound damping and compression damping via a basic sweep dial on top of the fork leg.

While the new Marzocchi Z1 may be targeted at an affordable price point, there is nothing budget about its appearance. The fork is available in both black and vibrant red, and looks amazing. The signature Marzocchi ‘M’ arch is very distinctive, a reminder of Marzocchi’s deep heritage. The Marzocchi chassis feels powerful and direct when making last minute line changes and we never felt that front wheel wanted to wander. When it comes to performance, the GRIP damper has always been the peoples champion, a huge improvement over the previous evolution damper. While it cannot match the sublime composure and recovery of the GRIP2 or RockShox Charger 2 dampers, the GRIP is certainly no weakling. The spring backed IFP internals are reliable and servicing should be minimal. Over small bumps, you can feel more stiction in the stroke when compared to the top end forks, but it’s very, very close. With minimal compression damping we found the fork lacking in support, but with two tokens installed and the compression dial wound half way on, performance is very impressive indeed, dealing with big, full stroke compressions and full-bore rock gardens without too much fuss.


The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 is a surprise standout, while it cannot match the sublime performance of the most expensive dampers, when value is taken into consideration it knocks them out the park. The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 is back, a perfect choice for those who want to ride hard and prefer spending time on the trails rather than sweating over a shock pump. Best Value for sure.

+ Solid performance
+ Fit and forget
– Sweep dial can be knocked
– Lacks sensitivity

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