Formula Selva – € 988

The new Formula Selva is the lamborghini of suspension forks, bristling with intelligent features and unique design concepts. From controls that look borrowed from the finest italian coffee machine, to the burly and powerful looking chassis, the Selva oozes style. The muscle of the fork comes from a hollow forged aluminium crown and burly 7075 alloy chassis, twinned with 35 mm stanchions. The damping cartridge is Formula’s Drop-In damper that uses their internal floating technology, using the damping cartridge as part of the structural element to reduce lateral flex and reduce friction, it certainly feels accurate on the trail. The fork features all the usual adjustments like rebound and low-speed compression but then takes it to the next level. The Selva is a tuners dream, first you have the unique CTS (Compression Tuning System), which with the aid of a supplied tool, lets you quickly swap the actual valve head in a matter of minutes. This is a simple, external adjustment but dramatically changes the oil flow in the fork and thus the damping. 2 different CTS options are included in the box, a lighter compression tune Blue and firmer Red. 4 additional ‘special’ CTS options are also available with more LSC and much higher mid-stroke support. Using the CTS is equivalent to getting a custom tune so heavier or lighter riders will be able to tune to perfection. We were intrigued by Formula’s Neopos €29.00 volume spacers, made of spongey material rather than hard plastic, Formula claim that as they compress they produce a more linear progression curve without the very harsh final ramp of a column of hard plastic tokens, boosting support without harshness. The constant expansion speed of the Neopos material reduces hysteresis in the compression / extension and should give a more coil like feel. The travel of the fork can be internally adjusted between 120-160 mm and a longer 170-180 mm model (in 27.5) is also available, and the Selva has a 46 mm fork offset.

There is a lot to like on the Formula Selva, on the trail the fork runs very smooth through its travel. We worked through the range of CTS options and they do have a marked effect on the suspension action. Using the CTS’s supplied, all the test riders settled on the firmest Red CTS, but smoother riders will appreciate the option of the lighter tunes. Aggressive riders who push hard on the fork will certainly prefer the more supportive ‘special’ CTS options, and the Green ‘Special Firm’ CTS was our testers favourite, designed for enduro racing, but this does come at an additional €54 cost. When it comes to construction, the chassis HEX design seems to really work, boosting lateral stiffness and holding a line well, even with the stiffest carbon wheels we experienced no wander in rock gardens. We would argue that there is no real need for a lockout on 160 mm fork, you can rotate the entire unit but we think too much real estate on the controls is given to function that will never be used. Interestingly, there’s no negative air spring in the fork, instead it’s a dual coil steel spring, for our 80 kg testers this was perfect, offering sublime small bump performance, but heavier testers would need to use a different CTS to gain the proper response. After careful setup we got the Selva working really well, but it did take a lot more time, but for some that’s half the fun and it’s great to see Formula giving control back to the rider producing something different.


The Formula Selva is a great performer, with a highly adjustable damper than can be tuned to suit many riders weights, riding styles and bikes. Those with technical interest will be able to reach a superb setup, but aggressive riders will need to purchase an additional CTS to get the most from the fork.

+ Endless setup options
+ Powerful chassis
– ‘Special’ CTS options may be required
– Lockout is unnecessary

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