Fox Launch Pro D3O

Next to the elaborate construction of the Fox Launch Pro D3O, most of the other knee pads in our test look dated. Not just visually pleasing either–the fit is excellent, with a pre-bent shape that pulls up over the knee. Despite the Launch Pro’s substantial weight, it brings that a certain quality to your ride and you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it. No matter how much you’re spinning, that knee pad will stay firmly in place – no slipping business going on here! Some test riders found that the lower strap was a little loose, but it doesn’t affect the shape or fit of the knee pad. The Fox wasn’t the highest scorer in the lab, but its ranking was certainly respectable. The plastic skid plate adds nothing to the impact absorbing properties of the knee pad, but does provide better sliding qualities which indirectly helps dissipate the residual force of an impact. Fox renounces any sort of additional side pads but its robust, thick fabric still offers decent protection against abrasions and the perforated mesh encourages ventilation.


– High comfort
– Good ventilation
– Skid plate perfectly integrated


– Lower strap a bit too long
– Expensive


Weight 628 g
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Price € 135.00