Best in test: Sweet Protection Bearsuit Light Knee Pads

The Sweet Protection Bearsuit Light is the iPhone amongst lightweight knee pads – it’s reduced to the essentials but still looks very solid. The construction is relatively simple, and the fit is excellent without any superfluous gimmicks. One single top strap is enough to hold the Sweet Protection securely in place. The built-in SAS-TEC protector offers the best protection in the lightweight category and would also rank highly amongst the heavy-duty hitters – when it comes to protection you don’t have to make any compromises. On top of this, the protector can be easily removed for washing. Comfort is very high, although there’s room for improvement with its ventilation. The Bearsuit Light is the heaviest knee pad in its category but we believe that the outstanding protection is way more important than saving a few grams of weight.

More is more: there are definitely lighter knee pads in this category but a lower weight and better ventilation are pointless if they compromise on the level of protection. With its excellent protection and their compact overall concept, the Sweet Protection Bearsuit Light Knee wins our coveted Best in Test stamp of approval.


– Best protection in this category
– High comfort
– Removable pad


– Warm


Weight 368 g
More info at

Price € 99.95

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