Shimano ZEE

Shimano Zee is the brake for no-frills riders who love the descents. Using the race-proven quad-piston caliper from the more expensive Shimano Saint, combined with a re-worked SLX lever, the Shimano Zee delivers insane power but will also keep the bank manager happy. The lever forgoes the tool-free reach adjuster, but is easy to set up with a tool, and has a dimpled blade for maximum ‘panic moment’ traction. With good rollback, the 16/18 mm ceramic pistons retract a long way, making it easy to set up the long pads for drag-free riding, and the levers’ Servowave action pulls the pad quickly to the disc, then slower through the modulation zone. On the trail the longer pad and smoother, four-piston delivery means that the brakes are less grabby than the two-piston XT and Deores, delivering more modulation with power on tap if you need it. The Shimano Zee models do not have the finned pads of the Saint and toe-to-toe cannot match their power when things get wild, but all the testers loved their forceful and consistent deceleration. Bleeding with mineral oil is effortless, but we did not need to as the Shimano Zee’s proved 100% reliable, the only issue we encountered was at the start of each ride as the resin pads gave a mighty howl for a few minutes before settling down to silence once warmed up.

The Shimano Zee brake is perfect for gravity riders on a budget. The resin pads deliver smooth and powerful braking, enough for even the rowdiest of trails.


– Totally reliable
– Smooth modulation


– Not as powerful as the Saint
– Pad compound noisy at times

Price: € 157 (singlle)
Weight: 576 g (set, w/o rotors)